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Norman Baker: I accept that this is not a matter of money. I merely reported that my constituent was beginning to think that it might have been, given the apparent intransigence and the difficulty in securing an outcome.

Dr. Ladyman: It is fair of the hon. Gentleman to say that. Let me stress that, following the inquiries that I have made in preparing for this debate, I have received assurances that this is not a matter of funding but of evidence. It is a question of getting evidence about efficacy in regard to the condition that Mr. Patrick is suffering from and evidence on safety issues. If that evidence can be presented, the decision can be further reviewed.

I suggest that the hon. Gentleman and his constituent find out whether the consultant believes that all the latest evidence has been put to the governance committee so that it can reconsider the issue. I also suggest that they consider complaining about the matter to the Healthcare Commission, if the hon. Gentleman feels that that is the appropriate route to take, and to consider ensuring that members of the board of the foundation trust are aware of the issue and the way in which it has been handled, and of Mr. Patrick's dissatisfaction with the way in which it has been handled.

I will ensure that the official record of this debate is passed to the chief executives of the primary care trust and of the Moorfields trust. I will ask them to read it carefully and to consider whether they are acting on the latest evidence and whether they could, on reflection, find any way to help Mr. Patrick.

Question put and agreed to.

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