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17 Jan 2005 : Column 683W—continued


Lynne Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development what medical facilities are available to treat civilians injured during the last attack on Fallujah. [208246]

17 Jan 2005 : Column 684W

Hilary Benn: The Iraqi Ministry of Health (MoH) is responsible for providing adequate medical facilities and healthcare for all of the population of Iraq. The MoH made provisions to treat injured civilians during military operations in Fallujah at hospitals and clinics near to the city. Multi-National Force-Iraq also had medical facilities at a base near Fallujah which were available to treat injured civilians in emergencies. The main hospital in Fallujah is now operational and the Iraqi Ministry of Health has delivered adequate basic medical supplies to the hospital and to clinics in the city. Most of Fallujah's civilian population left the city before military operations began and have been provided with essential food, water, shelter and medical supplies in the surrounding area.

Mr. Clappison: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development what estimate he has made of the number of residents of Fallujah who have been able to return to their homes; what assistance has been provided by (a) the UK Government, (b) the US Administration and (c) the Iraqi authorities to the residents of Fallujah; what the cost of the assistance has been in each case; what assessment he has made of the conditions in which residents who have not returned to their homes are living; what assessment he has made of provisions made for them to participate in the Iraqi elections; and if he will make a statement. [208260]

Hilary Benn: Most areas of Fallujah are now open to the returning population. The number of people returning to the city is increasing steadily. By 14 January, over 100,000 people had crossed the checkpoints into the city since returns began on 23 December although far fewer are staying overnight. It is estimated that between 8,000 and 15,000 citizens are now living in the city.

The Iraqi Interim Government (IIG) is leading on assistance to the people of Fallujah. The IIG Fallujah Core Co-ordination Group is liaising with multi-national and Iraqi forces who are providing security in the city, and is co-ordinating the provision of essential supplies by Iraqi Government Ministries. Food, medical items, tents and plastic sheeting, and water by tanker and bottle are getting through to the people in Fallujah. The IIG is providing an initial $100 welfare payment for each family returning to the city, and is finalising plans for more extensive compensation for damaged homes and businesses. Figures are not yet available on the cost of this assistance.

The IIG is also developing medium and long-term reconstruction plans for the city and has set aside funds from the Iraqi budget for this work. The Minister of Industry has been charged with coordinating the work of the key Iraqi ministries involved.

DFID is providing advice to the IIG Core Co-ordination Group on health, humanitarian and coordination issues, and DFID staff have made assessment visits to Fallujah.

United States military forces operating in the area have established Humanitarian Assistance sites in the city and have announced that they will provide $200 for
17 Jan 2005 : Column 685W
each household in Fallujah. US forces are also helping to provide security for the returning families, which has been good so far. United States agencies report that they have planned around 100 reconstruction projects in the Fallujah area totalling $84.1 million. Several US-funded projects have been contracted and are due to begin soon, including a $20 million project to refurbish the sewerage system, and projects to refurbish and equip local council offices.

A large proportion of Fallujah's population is yet to return to the city. Many families are staying in the surrounding area, mostly with host families or in public buildings. Iraqi ministries and aid agencies continue to deliver essential supplies to these areas. Welfare payments for displaced people are being distributed through banks in the areas where they are currently living.

The Independent Electoral Commission for Iraq (IECI) has established plans to allow Fallujah's displaced citizens to vote in the national elections at the end of January. The IECI has made special arrangements for same-day registration and voting at centres spread across the Al Anbar Governorate, and has asked Multi-National Force-Iraq to provide extra security at polling stations.

IT Projects

Mr. George Osborne: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development if he will list his Department's IT projects for each year since 1997, broken down by (a) amount spent, (b) purpose, (c) cost of over-run and (d) time of over-run. [205782]

Mr. Gareth Thomas: This question cannot be answered without incurring a disproportionate cost.


Mr. George Osborne: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development if he will list the (a) newspapers and (b) periodicals taken by his Department in each year since 1997; and how much the Department spent on each in each year. [207642]

17 Jan 2005 : Column 686W

Mr. Gareth Thomas: DFID lists as follows the cost for newspapers and periodicals from 1997 to the last full financial year. All costs before 2002 were from a central budget. After 2002 only core newspapers and periodicals were centrally funded and access transferred from print to electronic editions (for heavily used and requested periodicals). Due to the disproportionate cost of listing every newspaper and periodical taken since 1997 only the current core centrally funded newspapers and periodicals are listed.
(a) Newspapers


Current Newspapers

(Monday to Friday)
Annual cost
Daily Telegraph1156.00
East Kilbride News130.16
Financial Times2520.00
Total cost1,863.16

(b) Periodicals


Current periodicals

SubscriptionsNumber of copiesAnnual cost (£)
Africa Analysis (electronic)11,530.36
Africa Confidential—Oxford (electronic)1500.78
Africa Health169.33
Africa Insight133.49
Africa Research Bulletin: Series B Economic Series (electronic)1690.31
Africa Today—Bloomington187.58
African Business147.09
African Farming and Food Processing163.57
African Journal of Reproductive Health182.16
AIDS: an International Monthly Journal (electronic)1977.95
Assessment in Education: Principles Policy and Practice (electronic)1368.93
BBC Focus on Africa127.08
Bookseller & Bookseller Buyer's Guide & Children's Buyer's Guide1204.12
British National Bibliography—Option 51512.08
Business in Africa1126.20
Cambridge University Press Online License Cost12,556.30
Cepal Review127.16
Cities: the International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning (electronic)1595.57
Coastal Management (electronic)1347.10
Community Development Journal (electronic)1142.91
Comparative Education (electronic)1684.42
Comparative Education Review & CIES Newsletter198.96
Democratization (electronic)1286.96
Development: Journal of the Society for International Development1311.96
Development and Change (electronic)1352.45
Development and Cooperation18.77
Development in Practice (electronic)1318.31
Development Policy Review (electronic)1310.07
Disaster Prevention and Management (electronic)13,765.86
Disasters: the Journal of Disaster Studies and Management (electronic)1267.69
Economic Development and Cultural Change1152.70
Economic Journal & Econometrics Journal (electronic)1325.38
Economic Outlook—Oxford (electronic)1851.58
Economics of Transition (electronic)1275.93
The Economist—UK Edition6682.98 (electronic)114,013.59
Economist Intelligence Unit Country Reports and Profiles (electronic)60 countries25,886.25
ELT Journal: English Language Teaching (electronic)1112.30
Energy Economist1796.84
ENS (electronic)1360.00
Environment and Development Economics (electronic)1171.87
Environment and Urbanisation195.82
Environment Business News Briefing1379.00
Environmental Conservation (electronic)1249.57
Environmental Policy and Law (electronic)1353.60
Ethnic and Racial Studies (electronic)1265.34
Far Eastern Economic Review1157.09
Food Policy: Economics Planning and Politics of Food Agriculture (electronic)1630.32
Foreign Affairs—Palm Coast152.42
Foreign Policy—Boulder632.50
Gender and Development (electronic)1139.38
Gender Technology and Development1136.56
Global Environmental Change: Human and Policy Dimensions—Part A (electronic)1437.18
Government Computing—London181.00
Habitat International (electronic)1858.20
Hansard—House of Commons22,937.00
Hansard—House of Lords21,308.30
Health Economics (electronic)1729.91
Health Exchange—London132.40
Health Policy and Planning (electronic)1258.28
Human Rights Quarterly1104.43
IDS Bulletin & IDS Policy Briefings (electronic))1840.00
Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal1157.04
India Today International—UK Edition178.16
Interights Bulletin156.51
International Journal of Educational Development (electronic)1600.42
International Journal of Finance and Economics (electronic)1397.51
International Journal of Health Planning and Management (electronic)11,025.15
International Journal of Project Management (electronic)1726.48
International Journal of Water Resources Development (electronic)1559.64
International Migration Review165.69
International Review of Education1236.77
Island Business Magazine136.49
Jane's Foreign Report1234.26
Journal of African Economies (electronic)1233.55
Journal of Agricultural Economics1148.33
Journal of Development Communication128.46
Journal of Development Economics (electronic)11,077.20
Journal of Development Studies—London (electronic)1806.14
Journal of Human Development (electronic)1206.48
Journal of International Development (electronic)1704.04
Journal of Knowledge Management (electronic)11,011.21
Journal of Modern African Studies (electronic)1160.10
Journal of Policy Reform (electronic)1181.29
Journal of Refugee Studies (electronic)1178.23
Journal of Social Development in Africa143.53
Journal of Sustainable Tourism (electronic)1304.19
KM Review1311.96
The Lancet (electronic)1591.42
Land Use Policy (electronic)1508.29
Latin American Weekly Report (electronic)12,458.46
Management Today & Professional Manager190.06
Marine Policy (electronic)1636.78
Media Asia132.26
MEED Middle East Economic Digest (Including special reports)1482.65
Middle East International1145.26
Modern Power Systems1141.73
National Geographic271.10
National Institute Economic Review (electronic)1269.58
New African147.09
New Internationalist267.94
New Scientist—UK Edition6671.10
New Statesman—London3494.43
Newsweek—International Edition3154.14
Ocean and Coastal Management (electronic)11,002.85
Oxford Development Studies (electronic)1520.79
Oxford Economic Papers (electronic)1220.60
Oxford Review of Economic Policy (electronic)1239.44
Pakistan Development Review1103.72
People Management2215.18
Platt's Global Water Report1917.37
Population and Development Review (electronic)1108.98
Public Administration—Oxford (electronic)1397.18
Public Administration and Development (electronic)1769.72
Public Money and Management (electronic)1408.96
Quarterly Journal of Economics (electronic)1165.29
Refugee Survey Quarterly (electronic)1140.56
Reproductive Health Matters (electronic)152.53
Research Evaluation1119.37
Research Fortnight1495.00
Research in Education—Manchester1106.42
Research in Science and Technological Education (electronic)1486.65
Review of African Political Economy (electronic)1310.78
Sage Public Administration Abstracts1636.87
Savings and Development161.07
Social Policy and Administration (electronic)1484.30
Soundview Executive Book Summaries1112.12
Sociology—Cambridge (electronic)1258.98
Studies in Family Planning (electronic)1108.98
Sustainable Development—Bognor Regis (electronic)1547.46
Third World Quarterly (electronic)1663.23
Time—Atlantic Edition3177.21
Times Educational Supplement—including TES Teacher194.18
Times Higher Education Supplement167.57
Times Literary Supplement1120.54
Tips and Advice on the Internet (electronic)178.00
Urban Studies (electronic)1868.06
Water 211217.78
World Development (electronic)11,363.26
World Water and Environmental Engineering1104.77
Total cost99,743.25

17 Jan 2005 : Column 689W

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