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(b)   smoke-free areas, and

(c)   alcohol-free areas.'.

Amendment No. 103, in page 72, line 35, clause 161, at end insert

'or not to issue more than a specified number of such licences.'.

Amendment No. 104, in page 72, line 37, at end insert

'and in particular may take account of the likely social impact of permitting casinos or more than a specified number of casinos to operate in its area.'.

Amendment No. 105, in page 72, line 38, at end insert—

'(za)   must specify the maximum number (if any) of casino premises licences that the authority is willing to issue.'.

Amendment No. 116, in page 73, line 29, clause 162, at end insert—

'(4)   Each casino premises licence shall by virtue of this subsection be subject to the mandatory conditions that the licensee—

(a)   shall not operate gaming tables or gaming machines of Categories A or B outside a designated gaming area prescribed in relation to the relevant casino premises under section 147.

(b)   shall not permit any person other than the licensee or a person employed by the licensee to perform any function within the casino to enter a designated gaming area whilst the same is being used in reliance of the casino premises licence without the production at the entrance thereto of satisfactory evidence of identity; and

24 Jan 2005 : Column 47
(c)   shall maintain a condition of door supervision in respect of the designated gaming area at all times whilst the same is being used in reliance of the casino premises licence; and

(5)   Regulations under this section may, in particular, add or exclude gaming machines of a particular category or categories from gaming machines which are the subject of subsection (4) of this section provided that such regulations shall not permit gaming machines of Category A to be so excluded.

(6)   In subsection (4) "satisfactory evidence of identity" means evidence which is reasonably capable of establishing (and does in fact establish to the satisfaction of the person who obtains it) (a) the name, address and a photographic likeness of the person producing the evidence, (b) establishing that such person is over the age of 18 years on each occasion that satisfactory evidence of identity is required to be produced under this Act (including the proffering on a second or subsequent occasion of entry of a card or token issued to them by the licensee of the casino premises) for the purpose of verifying the identity of such person by reference to a photographic image.

(7)   For the purposes of subsection (6) a photographic image may be an image stored (a) visually or electronically upon the card or (b) upon a system maintained by the licensee of the premises for such a purpose.'.

Government amendment No. 13.

New clause 7—Membership role—

'(1)   No premises licence shall be granted if conditions are not in place for the effect that no person shall participate in gaming or gambling in casinos unless either—

(a)   he is a member of the casino specified in the licence who, at the time when he begins to take part in the gaming, or gambling, is eligible to take part in it, or

(b)   he is a bona fide guest of a person who is a member of that casino and who, at the time when the guest begins to take part in the gaming, or gambling, is eligible to take part in it.

(2)   For the purposes of subsection (1) a member of the casino specified in the licence is eligible to take part in gaming or gambling at any particular time if he was admitted to membership of the casino in pursuance of an application in writing—

(a)   made by him in person or on the premises, or

(b)   sent by him to those premises and at that time at least 24 hours have elapsed since his application was made or received there.'.

New clause 11—Going equipped to cheat—

'(1)   A person commits an offence if, without reasonable excuse (the burden of proof of which shall lie upon him), he has with him in a casino any article that is capable of or is intended for recording, analysing or predicting—

(a)   the outcome of a game;

(b)   any cards played or to be played in a game;

(c)   the probability of the occurrence of an event relating to a game; or

(d)   the strategy for playing a game.

(2)   The provisions of subsection (1) shall not apply to any article which is used for making a handwritten record in respect of a game.'.

New clause 13—Gaming machines in established casinos—

'(1)   A casino premises licence for an established casino shall, by virtue of this section, authorise the holder to make gaming machines available for use on the premises provided that—

(a)   each gaming machine is of Category A, B, C or D; and

24 Jan 2005 : Column 48
(b)   the number of Category A gaming machines is not more than one-fifth of the total number of gaming machines of any Category made available for use on the premises.

(2)   In subsection (1) references to a casino premises licence include any licence for an established casino which, by virtue of Schedule 18 or anything done under it, is treated as if it was a casino premises licence issued under section 169.

(3)   In this section "established casino" means any casino premises which are in use or could lawfully be used for the operation of a casino under section 1 of the Gaming Act 1968.'.

Amendment No. 117, in page 65, line 36, clause 147, at end insert


(i)   specify an area (being all or part of the casino premises) for the purposes of section 162(4) in relation to those casino premises ("a designated gaming area") and identify the same upon or by reference to the plan to be included under paragraph (g) above.'.

Amendment No. 143, in page 77, line 2, clause 170, leave out 'eight' and insert 'four'.

Amendment No. 141, in page 77, line 3, after 'casinos', insert 'subject to subsection (3A)'.

Amendment No. 142, in page 77, line 7, at end insert—

'"(3A)   In calculating for the purpose of subsection (1) the number of casino premises licences which have effect at any time, no account shall be taken of any established casino but—

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