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31 Jan 2005 : Column 721W—continued

Juvenile Justice Centre

Lady Hermon: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland on what dates representatives from the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission have been refused access to the Juvenile Justice Centre; what the reason was in each case; and what action has been taken as a result. [210941]

Mr. Spellar: The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission published a full report in March 2002 on the arrangements for children in custody in Northern Ireland. In January 2004, the Commission expressed a wish to undertake another inspection of the only remaining Juvenile Justice Centre at Rathgael, Bangor. As a full-scale inspection of the Centre was already
31 Jan 2005 : Column 722W
being undertaken in that year by the Criminal Justice Inspectorate (CJI), in order to avoid duplication and the placing of an unnecessary burden on the children and staff in the Centre the Commission was advised that it would not be appropriate for them to carry out another review at that time. However, at the invitation of the Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice, an Investigations Officer from the Commission joined the CJI team and played a full part in the inspection.

Mental Health

Mrs. Iris Robinson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will make a statement on the impact of terrorism on the mental health needs of the Province. [205966]

Angela Smith: There has been no definitive research into the impact of terrorism on the mental health needs of the population of Northern Ireland.

Plastic Baton Rounds

Mr. Gregory Campbell: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many plastic baton rounds were used in crowd control circumstances in Northern Ireland during 2004 by (a) the police and (b) the Army. [211816]

Mr. Pearson: No baton rounds were fired in Northern Ireland in 2004. The last firing of a baton round in Northern Ireland was in September 2002.

The Government remains committed to implementing the Independent Commission on policing's recommendations on the use of less lethal weaponry. PSNI is now equipped with a broader range of public order equipment, including water cannon, to provide a graduated response to threatening situations. There is also a UK wide research programme to find an acceptable, effective and potentially less lethal alternative to the baton round.

Staff Vacancies

Mr. Bellingham: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how much his Department spent on advertising staff vacancies in (a) 2002 and (b) 2003. [209580]

Mr. Pearson: The Northern Ireland Office (excluding its agencies and NDPBs) has spent the following on advertising staff vacancies:

This answer relates only to the Northern Ireland Office and does not include information in respect of the eleven Northern Ireland Departments.

Trolley Waits

Mrs. Iris Robinson: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what information he has regarding the number of trolley waits at each of the Province's hospitals in each month over the last five years. [210034]

Angela Smith: This information is not available in the form requested.
31 Jan 2005 : Column 723W

The total number of hospital trolley waits is reported to the Department on a quarterly basis and is collected
31 Jan 2005 : Column 724W
at trust level only. Information relating to the last five financial years is presented in the tables.
Quarter endingRoyal GroupBelfast CityUC and HTDown LisburnMater
30 June 19992692,5893,1061,067114
30 September 19993582,6803,1761,468108
31 December 19994673,0213,2391,388166
31 March 20001,0232,9613,3911,459119
30 June 20003402,8543,6251,558129
30 September 20003592,8683,4031,355120
31 December 20004,1773,0113,6341,48099
31 March 20017923,1683,6051,524350
30 June 20016593,0963,3451,618187
30 September 20017403,2473,3521,608352
31 December 20016953,2733,4131,676403
31 March 20026533,2873,4051,6091,920
30 June20 026233,3803,7641,7341,783
30 September 20023,2013,2643,5991,9481,964
31 December 20023,0293,0083,5211,9641,890
31 March 20033,2093,1563,3831,7771796
30 June20 033,3122,9753,3061,8621,697
30 September 20033,2223,0403,5771,9451,766
31 December 20033,0943,2343,3911,8181,913
31 March 20043,0792,9143,2471,8311,865
30 June 20042,9452,7363,7051,8461,948
30 September 20042,9202,7603,9531,8281,995

Quarter endingCausewayUnitedCraigavon AreaNewry and MourneArmagh and DungannonAltnagelvinSperrin Lakeland
30 June 19991002,6431,374894401,383820
30 September 19991002,7891,914973641,357758
31 December 19991003,3902,428108101,260839
31 March 20001003,6352,787105391,238886
30 June 20001003,7032,649113541,228943
30 September 20001623,7812,968168471,345907
31 December 20001373,6783,100155101,292962
31 March 20011704,0803,37814681,236908
30 June 20011933,7793,3064681,388866
30 September 20012033,7763,24215241,400900
31 December 20011724,1713,39010641,306935
31 March 20022593,7813,2881121,201892
30 June 20021544,1873,1521661,375929
30 September 2002974,2763,3601431,4501,018
31 December 20026284,3604,0091361,5091,081
31 March 20036754,3344,2401661,5751,369
30 June 20037044,1504,4191731,6521,370
30 September 20037814,2124,2771281,7591,373
31 December 20036244,3184,6391911,9961,206
31 March 20046184,3544,4212172,1061,317
30 June 20047304,5054,3561821,9411,214
30 September 20041,2364,3604,240(80)1,0402,0081,226

(80)Newry and Mourne Trust does not have an electronic Accident and Emergency System and have been providing a two-week snap shot survey in each quarter. From 1 June 2004 additional resources have been allocated and they are now in a position to manually collect all trolley waits.
In a small number of cases Trusts have returned data for a representative sample of trolley waits.


Community Courts

Mr. Byrne: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Department for Constitutional Affairs (1) if he will make a statement on the Lord Chancellor's plans to increase the number of community courts in England; [210050]

(2) what assessment the Department has made of the efficacy of the community court in North Liverpool; how many offences the court has considered, broken down by category; and what sentences were handed down. [210051]

Mr. Leslie: The information is as follows:

The court has been sitting for two days a week since 9 December 2004 and has heard over 100 cases. These include a range of antisocial behaviour type offences
31 Jan 2005 : Column 725W
and crimes identified as priorities by the community. The court has imposed a wide range of sentences including community penalties and imprisonment and has also ordered the closure of a crack house. These sentences were informed by case management which looked at the problems of each offender and ways of addressing why they commit crime.

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