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Food Standards Agency (Annual Report 2003–04)

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health (Miss Melanie Johnson): The Food Standard Agency's annual report and accounts 2003–04 was laid before Parliament today.

Copies will be placed in the Library.

Care Services (Regulatory Fees)

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health (Dr. Stephen Ladyman): Increased fees for registration and inspection will be charged by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) and the Healthcare Commission from April 2005. These are set out in the table. The fees for CSCI are subject to an across-the-board increase of 20 per cent. over 2004–05 levels. The fees for the Healthcare Commission are subject to variable increases for different services: registration fees are subject to an across-the- board increase of 50 per cent. increases in inspection fees range from 20 per cent. to 55 per cent. over 2004–05 levels.

It is the Government's firm policy that we should move to a position where the recurrent costs of providing regulation are fully recovered from service providers. The fee increases for 2005–06 are part of this process.

The Government are tackling the issue of how much regulation costs overall, and this will ultimately limit what providers will pay in future. We are also working with the inspectorates to ensure regulatory services are provided as cost effectively as possible and working with public commissioners of care to ensure they understand regulatory costs are a legitimate part of the cost of providing care and need to be reflected in fees.

Individual letters are being sent to all providers of care services regulated by CSCI and the Healthcare Commission to notify them about the increases.
Fees for Registration and Inspection 2005–06 (2004–05 in brackets)
Commission for Social Care Inspection
ServiceProviderRegistrationManagerRegistrationMinor VariationVariationrequiring visit
Care homes£1,901 (£1584)£518 (£432)£86 (£72)£950 (£792)
Small care homes and adult placement carers£518 (£432)N/a£86 (£72)£518 (£432)
Children's homes£1,901 (£1584)£518 (£432)£86 (£72)£950 (£792)
Small children's homes£518 (£432)N/a£86 (£72)£518 (£432)
Residential family centres£1,584 (£1320)£432 (£360)£72 (£60)£792 (£660)
Small residential family centres£432 (£360)N/a£72 (£ 60)£432 (£360)
Domiciliary care agencies£1,584 (£1320)£432 (£360)£72 (£60)£ 792 (£660)
Small domiciliary care agencies£432 (£360)N/a£72 (£60)£432 (£360)
Nurses agencies£1,584 (£1320)£432 (£360)£72 (£60)£792 (£660)
Small nurses agencies£432 (£360)N/a£72 (£60)£432 (£360)
Voluntary adoption agencies principal office and branches£1,320 (£1,100)N/a£60 (£50)£660 (£550)
VAAs with small principal office or branch£360 (£300)N/a£60 (£50)£360 (£300)
Adult Placement Schemes£1,901 (£1,584)£518 (£432)£86 (£72)£950 (£792)
Small Adult Placement Schemes£518 (£432)N/a£86 (£72)£518 (£432)

8 Feb 2005 : Column 77WS

Annual Fees

ServiceFlat rateApprovedPlace from4th-29thApprovedplace over30th
Care homes£259 (£216)£ 86 (£72)£86 (£72)
Small care homes and adult placements£173 (£144)N/aN/a
Children's homes£864 (£720)£86 (£72)£86 (£72)
Small children's homes£864 (£720)N/aN/a
Boarding schools and FE£432 (£360)£ 6 (£21.60)£13 (£10.80)
Residential special schools£691 (£576)£69 (£57.60)£35 (£28.80)
Residential family centres£576 (£480)£72 (£60)£72 (£60)
Domiciliary care agencies£1,080 (£900)N/aN/a
Small domiciliary care agencies£540 (£450)N/aN/a
Nurses agencies£720 (£600)N/aN/a
Small nurses agencies£360 (£300)N/aN/a
Voluntary adoption agencies£600 (£500)N/aN/a
VAA branches£600 (£500)N/aN/a
Small voluntary adoption agencies£300 (£250)N/aN/a
Small VAA branches£300 (£250)N/aN/a
Adult Placement Schemes£1,728 (£1,440)N/aN/a
Small Adult Placement Schemes£864 (£720)N/aN/a

8 Feb 2005 : Column 78WS

Healthcare Commission

ServiceNew Fee
Provider Registration£2,376 (£1,584)
Provider Registration (small establishments)£648 (£432)
Manager Registration£648 (£432)
Variation requiring visit£1,188 (£792)
Variation requiring visit (small establishments)£648 (£432)
Minor variation£108 (£72)

Annual Fees

ServiceFlat rateApproved place from4th-29thApproved place over30th
Hospices£259 (£216)£86£86
Acute hospital or Mental Health hospital£5,580 (£3,600)£223£112
Hospital using prescribed techniques or prescribed technology£1,566 (£1,080)£209£104
Hospital providing listed services£1,944 (£1,440)£194£97
Independent clinic or independent medical agency£1,944 (£1,440)N/aN/a