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10 Feb 2005 : Column 1678W—continued

EU Committees

Angus Robertson: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many times during the (a) Italian, (b) Irish and (c) Dutch Presidency of the EU the (i) Customs Co-operation Committee-EEC-San Marino, (ii) EEC-Denmark-Faroe Islands Joint Committee and (iii) European Economic Area Joint Committee met; when and where each meeting took place; what UK Government expert was present at each meeting; and if he will make a statement. [216220]

Dawn Primarolo: This information is not readily available, because these committees are the province of the European Commission, and member states' officials do not attend.

European Investment Bank Loans

Adam Price: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will list projects during the last five years for which Treasury approval has been granted for European Investment Bank Loans in response to applications from (a) the National Assembly for Wales, (b) the Scottish Executive, (c) the Northern Ireland Executive, (d) local authorities in England, (e) local authorities in Wales, (f) NHS trusts in England and (g) NHS trusts in Wales. [215475]

Mr. Boateng: The European Investment Bank's lending decisions are a matter for the Bank and the individual project promoters. The promoters submit potential projects, which are then assessed by the Bank against its lending criteria. Based on this assessment, the Bank's Board of Directors decide whether or not to approve an individual project.

Under its Statute, the European Investment Bank has to ask for an opinion from the Government of the member state in which the project will take place.

European Investment Bank loans do not readily break down into the categories requested. Listed in the following table are loans to UK projects approved in the last five years by the European Investment Bank, broken down by UK region. Details of lending to the UK broken down by sector are available on the EIB website
Region/Project nameBoard decisionCurrencyM CurrencyM Euro
C and W Communications Network Integration1999GBP250354.38
AAE European Rail Freight Wagons PPP1999EUR165165
GNER Rolling Stock2000GBP105166.06
One-2-One Mobile Multimedia2001GBP300471.18
HEFCE Higher Education Agency Loan2001GBP100161.42
Telia Pan-European Viking Network2001EUR6565
P&O North Sea Ferries2001GBP4063.64
Halifax Plc. Urban Renewal Framework2001GBP150241.43
National Grid Transmission II2002GBP200317.71
South Central Trains New Rolling Stock2002GBP200307.79
Abbey National Urban Renewal FW2002GBP150245.46
BBC Worldwide2002GBP2540.91
Princes Food and Drinks II2002GBP2540.4
Transco Gas Transmission2002GBP200326.26
UK-Norway Electricity Interconnector2003EUR20120
Nationwide Building Society Urban Renewal2003GBP100146.16
HBODS PPP Agency Framework Loan2003GBP100143.14
Otto Versand E-Business (121+Reg. Dev.)2003EUR5858
Air Products Europe II2003USD10086.04
NHS Lift UK Primary Healthcare AG Loan2004GBP150222.65
Flowserve Product Development2004EUR10.510.5
BAA Airports Modernisation III-Ten2004GBP150218.4
RBS Urban Renewal Framework Loan2004GBP100149.09
DLR Woolwich Arsenal Extension PPP2004GBP75111.82
Britpipe Gas Importation (Ten)2004EUR500500
Imperial College Infrastructure2004GBP5071.88
M1 Westlink and M2 PPP2004GBP6593.31
AAE Freight Rolling Stock (EU)2004EUR5555
Total multi-region284,953
North East London Hospitals PPP2002GBP100163.13
Total Eastern1163.13
East Midlands
Railtrack WCML Phase 1 (WCML-1)1999GBP3249.42
Severn Trent Water VIII1999GBP5077.22
THFC Urban Renewal II1999GBP2.53.75
National Power Generation1999GBP219346.35
Severn Trent Water X2000GBP150215.33
Total East Midlands5692
Railtrack WCML Phase 1 (WCML-1)1999GBP3249.42
A13 DBFO Road1999GBP90137.13
THFC Urban Renewal II1999GBP32.548.78
Thames Water IV1999GBP100154.44
Edmonton Waste to Energy1999GBP2030.89
London Underground PPP2000GBP9001,508.30
THFC Urban Renewal III2000GBP21.0733.32
Thames Water V2000GBP100163.19
BAA UK Airports Modernisation II2001GBP70122.16
BAA Heathrow Terminal 52002GBP250390.32
BBC Broadcast2002GBP66103.21
Seeboard Powerlink PPP2002GBP4571.49
Royal London and Barts Hospitals PPP2003GBP250362.53
Channel Tunnel Rail Link S2-Ten2003GBP400580.05
Ford Engines RDI2004EUR140140
Total London153,885
North East
Edmonton Waste to Energy1999GBP2030.89
Sunderland Urban Renewal2001GBP75119.33
Northumbrian Water XII2002GBP100158.86
Newcastle Hospitals PPP2003GBP115175.39
Sunderland Urban Renewal Phase II2004GBP75106.41
Total North East5591
Northern Ireland
Coolkeeragh ESB Power (AFI)2003GBP150208.45
Facility for Education (N. Ireland) PPP2004GBP150215.33
Total Northern Ireland2424
North West (inc. Merseyside)
Railtrack WCML Phase 1 (WCML-1)1999GBP136210.04
Ford Investment Framework-Europe1999EUR600600
Mersey Docks Liverpool1999GBP1521.25
THFC Urban Renewal II1999GBP710.51
Liverpool Schools PPP2000GBP3048.96
THFC Urban Renewal III2000GBP10.7517
North West Water XIII2000GBP200326.37
United Utilities Distrib. And Renew. Gen.2001GBP97156.12
Blackburn Hospital PPP2002GBP5082.17
Manchester Hospitals PPP2002GBP175285.48
Manchester Metrolink PPP-Phase 32003GBP135194.92
St. Helens and Knowsley Hospitals PPP2003GBP180259.89
United Utilities Water2004GBP200291.21
Total North West (inc. Merseyside)132,504
Railtrack WCML Phase 1 (WCML-1)1999GBP100154.44
Glasgow Schools PPP1999GBP105162.16
THFC Urban Renewal II1999GBP2.53.75
SSE Electricity Trans. and Generation1999GBP200300.17
National Power Generation2000GBP4571.17
THFC Urban Renewal III2000GBP6.4510.2
Edinburgh Schools PPP2001GBP3761.35
SSE Renewable Generation2002GBP100156.13
Glasgow Urban Renewal2003GBP150230.59
North Lanarkshire Schools PPP2003GBP75107.59
Highland Schools PPP2004GBP6089.06
Argyll and Bute Schools PPP2004GBP6596.91
Total Scotland121,444
South East
CTRL Phase 2-Section 2-PPP1999GBP300425.26
Mersey Docks Liverpool1999GBP1521.26
Isle of Grain Lng Terminal2003GBP3043.32
Total South East3490
South West
Railtrack WCML Phase 1 (WCML-1)1999GBP3655.6
THFC Urban Renewal II1999GBP11.5
Wessex Water V1999GBP100152.37
South West Water IX2000GBP100172.59
THFC Urban Renewal III2000GBP4.737.48
Wessex Water VI2000GBP75122.39
South West Water X2003GBP6087.69
Cornwall Schools PPP2003GBP37.552.11
Total South West8652
National Power Generation2000GBP3656.93
United Utilities Distrib. And Renew. Gen.2001GBP34.83
Welsh Water (Glas Cymru) VIII2004GBP3552.65
Ford Engines RDI2004EUR105105
Total Wales4219
West Midlands
Railtrack WCML Phase 1 (WCML-1)1999GBP6498.84
Severn Trent Water VIII1999GBP5077.22
Stoke-on-Trent Schools PPP1999GBP4060.95
THFC Urban Renewal II1999GBP11.5
Dudley Group of Hospitals PPP2000GBP70112.59
Birmingham Northern Relief Road PPP2000GBP250407.96
Severn Trent Water IX2001GBP150238.66
Jaguar Product Development2002EUR300300
North Staffordshire Hospitals PPP2003GBP200288.52
Land Rover Automotive Project Solihull2003EUR250250
Ford Engines RDI2004EUR105105
Total West Midlands111,941
Yorkshire and the Humber
THFC Urban Renewal II1999GBP3.55.25
Sheffield Schools PPP1999GBP2944.79
Kirklees Schools PPP2000GBP2540.8
Yorkshire Water XI2001GBP100159.11
A1 DBFO Motorway2002GBP128208.81
Rotherham Schools PPP2002GBP5078.19
Wakefield Hospital PPP2004GBP150212.83
Finningley Airport2004GBP3549.66
Yorkshire Water XII2004GBP100143.55
Total Yorkshire and the Humber9943

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