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22 Mar 2005 : Column 794W—continued


British Virgin Islands

Mr. Dismore: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what mechanisms are in place to ensure that Ministers and officials from the British Virgin Islands are advised of legislative
22 Mar 2005 : Column 795W
initiatives from the European Commission or Parliament which may impact on the British Virgin Islands. [223346]

Mr. MacShane: When legislative initiatives that might impact on the British Virgin Islands and other Overseas Territories come to the attention of UK officials, information on them is fed to the Overseas Territories Department in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This information is then passed on to the territories.

Mr. Dismore: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make a statement on progress his Department has made on the negotiated compensation package between the UK Government and the British Virgin Islands Government. [223347]

Mr. MacShane: The compensation package agreed with the British Virgin Islands (BVI) Government as part of the discussions on the implementation of the EU Savings Directive is reviewed regularly between Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials and representatives of the BVI Government. Progress has been made on most of the agreed measures with conclusions already reached on some of them.

EU Regulations

Mr. Davidson: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs how many EU regulations, directives and decisions have been enacted in each year since UK accession; and how many have been (a) deleted and (b) are no longer in force. [221232]

Mr. MacShane: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office does not hold this information. The House of Commons Library estimates that around 9 per cent. of UK legislation emanates from the EU. The details in the tables are taken from the annual Commission Report on the activities of the EU", which has in turn been collated by the House of Commons. The figures for EU regulations, directives and decisions enacted are only available for the years 1980–2003 inclusive. The figures for legislation repealed or expired are only available for the years 1997–2003 inclusive.
EU regulations, directives and decision enacted between 1980–2003

19805,901 instruments(43)51 directives
312 regulations
136 decisions
19816,044 instruments45 directives
414 regulations
150 decisions
19825,321 instruments42 directives
393 regulations
128 decisions
198314,123 instruments41 directives
395 regulations
108 decisions
19845,190 instruments53 directives
351 regulations
99 decisions
19857,442 instruments59 directives
447 regulations
109 decisions
198612,081 instruments74 directives
473 regulations
184 decisions
19878,212 instruments40 directives
458 regulations
125 decisions
19886,799 instruments63 directives
434 regulations
131 decisions
19895,737 instruments79 directives
394 regulations
161 decisions
19906,298 instruments65 directives
380 regulations
169 decisions
19916,130 instruments72 directives
335 regulations
174 decisions
199234 directives95 directives129
1,137 regulations381 regulations1,518
385 decisions134 decisions519
199352 directives65 directives117
1,160 regulations325 regulations1,485
520 decisions135 decisions655
199424 directives17 directives41
1,579 regulations180 regulations1,759
445 decisions72 decisions517
199535 directives39 directives74
2,801 regulations242 regulations3,043
3,025 decisions175 decisions3,200
199639 directives58 directives97
2,341 regulations247 regulations2,588
2,806 decisions170 decisions2,985
199735 directives34 directives (20 with EP)69
760 regulations209 regulations (1 with EP)969
635 decisions164 decisions (7 with EP)799
199844 directives53 directives (26 with EP)97
733 regulations202 regulations975
537 decisions196 decisions (7 with EP)733
199955 directives44 directives (14 with EP)99
842 regulations144 regulations (11 with EP)986
516 decisions139 decisions (18 with EP)655
200038 directives43 directives (18 with EP)81
606 regulations182 regulations (34 with EP)788
557 decisions24 decisions (4 with EP)581
200118 directives45 directives (23 with EP)63
600 regulations152 regulations (15 with EP)752
651 decisions30 decisions (3 with EP)681
200244 directives149 directives (36 with EP)193
602 regulations164 regulations (24 with EP)766
610 decisions57 decisions (6 with EP)667
200361 directives19 directives (41 with EP)
648 regulations154 regulations (35 with EP)
560 decisions30 decisions (9 with EP)

(43) These figures includes regulations, decisions, directives, recommendations and opinions (i.e. legislative and non-legislative instruments), as Commission sources prior to 1992 do not give a breakdown for Commission instruments.

22 Mar 2005 : Column 797W

EU legislation repealed or expired, 1997–2003

199727 directives39 directives (1 with EP)66
503 regulations271 regulations774
199 decisions83 decisions (1 with EP)282
199813 directives46 directives (2 with EP)59
551 regulations146 regulations697
260 decisions192 decisions (5 with EP)452
199917 directives57 directives74
612 regulations193 regulations805
381 decisions141 decisions (14 with EP)522
200021 directives43 directives64
602 regulations201 regulations (l with EP)803
131 decisions29 decisions160
200110 directives49 directives (1 with EP)59
555 regulations147 regulations (3 with EP)702
143 decisions11 decisions154
200232 directives51 directives (3 with EP)83
398 regulations149 regulations (5 with EP)547
178 decisions21 decisions (4 with EP)203
200333 directives38 directives (8 with EP)
328 regulations69 regulations (1 with EP)
122 decisions25 decisions (5 with EP)

EU-ASEAN Meetings

Vera Baird: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (1) whether the Government will be represented at the EU-ASEAN meetings during Burma's chairing of the Association of South-East Asian Nations in 2006–07; [222874]

(2) what his policy is on the use of the conditions agreed at Tullamore in April 2004 by the EU as the criteria for whether the EU should attend EU-ASEAN meetings chaired by Burma in 2006; [222875]

(3) what position the Government will take within the EU on the issue of Burma's military rulers chairing EU-ASEAN meetings in 2006–07. [222876]

Mr. Alexander [holding answer 21 March 2005]: We are concerned about Burma's forthcoming chairmanship of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2006. We know too that some other ASEAN members are concerned.
22 Mar 2005 : Column 798W

The UK attends EU-ASEAN meetings as a member of the EU. Decisions on attendance are taken by consensus with the EU. It is too early for the EU to take a decision on the approach it will take in July 2006. This will depend on developments in Burma before then. We have made clear that we wish to see real progress towards genuine democratisation in Burma including the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and other political prisoners.

We are also using our regular bilateral and multilateral contacts with all ASEAN members, who are key to progress on this issue, to encourage them to press the military regime in Burma to enter into a meaningful dialogue with the democratic opposition and ethnic groups as soon as possible. There is a clear understanding that the prospect of Burmese chairmanship of ASEAN makes the need for change all the more pressing.

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