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Drew, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Army (16.12.2004) 1815-6w

    City academies (09.12.2004) 1334-5

    Fisheries (02.12.2004) 842, 844

    Mental Capacity Bill, Programme motion, Rep and 3R (14.12.2004) 1544, 1629

    School Transport Bill, Rep and 3R (16.12.2004) 1858-9, 1881-2

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Iraq, Christianity (08.12.2004) 131wh


    Agriculture, Income 1513w

    Agriculture, Waste management 1513-4w

    Antisocial behaviour orders, Gloucestershire 1162-4w

    Arable area payments scheme 271w

    Asthma, Children 350w

    China, Christianity 1393w

    China, Religious persons 1394w

    Climate change, USA 1515w

    Colombia, Prisoners 1064w

    Combined heat and power 466w

    Curriculum, Developing countries 767

    Dairy farming, Costs 801w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Peace keeping operations 479w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda 479w

    Driving offences, Cellular phones 639-40w

    Education maintenance allowance, South West region 1284w

    Entry to employment programme 147w

    Entry to employment programme, Teenage pregnancy 150w

    Exhaust emissions, Motor vehicles 1517-8w

    Fly posting, Rural areas 1484w

    Genetically modified organisms 115w, 800w

    Hospitals, Transport 241w

    Industrial health and safety, Nuclear power 572w

    International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia 891w

    Migrant workers 744w

    National Probation Service for England and Wales, Pay 394-5w

    NHS, Cleaning services 1479w

    NHS, Information technology 1322-3w

    Niger, Armed conflict 898w

    Nuclear power stations 1051w

    Pakistan, Entry clearances 732w

    Pakistan, Religious freedom 1274w

    Patients, Counselling 978w

    Planning permission, Motor sports 1241-2w

    Plastics, Recycling 1517w

    Pupil exclusions, Fines 776w

    Radioactive wastes, Waste management 1516w

    Renewable energy, South West region 225w

    Renewable transport fuel obligation 1518-9w

    Renewables obligation 31-2w

    Sudan, Armed conflict 901w

    Sudan, Arms trade 290w

    Sudan, Capital punishment 478w

    Sudan, International assistance 901w

    Sudan, Peace negotiations 605-6w

    Supporting people programme 1243-4w

    Teachers, Retirement 1715w

    Teachers, Vacancies 1713w

    Waste management 118w

Drinking water

Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency

    see Northern Ireland Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency


Driving offences

Driving tests

Driving under influence

Drown, Ms Julia


    Developing countries, Poverty 1162-3


    Ear nose and throat 505w

    Wholesale trade 759w

Drugs Bill 2004/05

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (16.12.2004) 1877


    Northern Ireland 330w

Dual carriageways

Dual mandate

    European Parliament members 1388w

Duncan Smith, Rt Hon Iain

                  Chamber Debates

Duncan, Mr Alan


    Africa, Overseas aid 1657

    Ethiopia, Water 153w

    Sudan, Armed conflict 65w

    Sudan, Peace negotiations 64-5w

Duncan, Mr Peter


    Electoral systems, Scotland 478-9

    New deal schemes, Scotland 570-2w

Dungavel Detention Centre


Dunwoody, Mrs Gwyneth

                  Chamber Debates

    Cot deaths (21.12.2004) 2071

    Identity Cards Bill, 2R (20.12.2004) 1942

    Serjeant at Arms, Retirement (20.12.2004) 1938-9

    Ukraine (29.11.2004) 367


    Business questions 236

    Child Support Agency, Information technology 1388

    Driving offences, Sentencing 2055-6

    Gaming machines 894

    Loran navigator system 59w

    Navigation, Republic of Ireland 122-3w

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