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Leader of the House of Commons

    Written questions 523w

League Against Cruel Sports

Leamington Spa

Learning allowance

Learning and Skills Council for England

Learning and skills councils

Learning disability

    Sports competitors (23.11.2004) 93-100



    New deal for disabled people 1446w

    Primary care trusts 754w

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Legal advice and assistance

Legal aid

    Antisocial behaviour orders 751w

Legal aid scheme

Legal costs

Legal opinion

Legal profession

Legal representation

Legal Services Commission

Legal Services Complaints Commissioner

    see Office of the Legal Services Complaints Commissioner



    Learning and skills councils 1294w

Leigh, Mr Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic situation (02.12.2004) 797

    Mental Capacity Bill, Programme motion, Rep and 3R (14.12.2004) 1564

    Queen's speech, Economic policy (01.12.2004) 645


    Local Government Finance Funding Changes Independent Inquiry 1561w

    Local government finance, Lincolnshire 1562w

    Local government finance, Rural areas 1561w

    Magistrates' courts, Information technology 85-6w


    Local government services 938-9w

Leslie, Mr Christopher, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Constitutional Affairs

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements

    Barristers, Public appointments 7ws

    British Irish Council 132ws

    Family courts, Children 144ws

    Freedom of information, Codes of practice 7ws

    Freedom of information, Written questions 167ws


    Antisocial behaviour orders 84w

    Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Union, EC grants and loans 1396-7w

    Courts, Documents 561w

    Criminal proceedings, Young offenders 1510w

    Crown courts, Witnesses 877w

    Departmental records, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 876w, 1390w, 1633w

    Electoral systems, Reform 83-5w

    Electronic government, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 84-5w

    European Parliament members, Dual mandate 1388w

    Family courts, Domestic violence 872w, 874w

    Fines, Enforcement 179w

    Freedom of information, Codes of practice 563w

    Freedom of information, Fees and charges 1203w

    Information Commissioner 563w

    Information technology, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 874-5w, 1387w

    Judges, Training 985w

    Legal profession, Clothing 84w

    Magistrates' courts, Closures 179w, 365w

    Magistrates' courts, East Anglia 83w

    Magistrates' courts, Information technology 85-6w

    Magistrates' courts, Manpower 364-5w

    Magistrates, Nottinghamshire 489-90

    Non-departmental public bodies 564w

    Political parties, Registration 1389w

    Powers of entry, Utilities 872-3w

    Prisons, Video equipment 751-2w

    Prosecutions, Hunting 488-9

    Repossession orders, Pendle 1495w

    Supreme court, Location 84w

    Trials, Television 565w

    Unpaid fines, Greater London 1627-8w

    Written questions, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 29w, 366w

Letwin, Rt Hon Oliver

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic situation (02.12.2004) 789-91


    Disabled facilities grants, Muscular dystrophy 1493-4w

    Freight, Southampton 1614w

    Railways, Concessions 1362w


Level crossings

    South West region 33w

Levitt, Mr Tom

                  Chamber Debates

    Social security benefits (06.12.2004) 911-2

    Ukraine (29.11.2004) 367


    Hearing aids, Waiting lists 1025

Lewis, Mr Ivan, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept for Education and Skills

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Adult education, Ealing 1038w

    Adult learning grant, North East region 1036w

    Education maintenance allowance, Barnet 826-7w

    Education maintenance allowance, Birmingham 147w

    Education maintenance allowance, Cambridge 527w

    Education maintenance allowance, Hendon 768-9w

    Education maintenance allowance, South West region 1284w

    Entry to employment programme 145-7w

    Entry to employment programme, Teenage pregnancy 150w

    Learning and Skills Council for England 834w

    Learning and skills councils 1037w

    Vocational education, Cambridge 528w

    Vocational education, Finance 210w

    Vocational training, Ethnic groups 1293w

    Vocational training, Hendon 781w

    Voluntary work, Students 1039w

    Young offenders, Basic skills 1555w

Lewis, Dr Julian

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions (02.12.2004) 828

    Northern Ireland government (09.12.2004) 1298

    Oral question time intervention (29.11.2004) 342

    Ukraine (29.11.2004) 373


    Building regulations, Electrical safety 258-9w

    Cellular phones, Cabinet Office 324w

    Cellular phones, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 398w

    Cellular phones, Ministry of Defence 1226-7w

    Cellular phones, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 455-6w

    Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Cabinet committees 323w

    Departmental records, Cabinet Office 1637w

    Departmental records, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1628-9w

    Departmental records, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 667w

    Departmental records, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1344-5w

    Departmental records, Dept for International Development 1249w, 1336-7w

    Departmental records, Dept for Transport 1646-7w

    Departmental records, Dept for Work and Pensions 1434w, 1435w

    Departmental records, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 895-6w, 1064w

    Departmental records, Ministry of Defence 688-9w

    Departmental records, Northern Ireland Office 918w, 1006-7w

    Departmental records, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1488w, 1491w

    Departmental records, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 1225-6w, 1349-50w

    Departmental records, Treasury 1083-4w

    Departmental responsibilities, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 65-6w

    Freedom of information, Home Office 1176-7w

    Government departments, Telephone services 1237-8w

    Hospital wards, Hampshire 7w

    Information officers, Home Office 1184w

    Inheritance tax 16w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 253w

    Official engagements, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 252w, 946w, 1005w

    Political impartiality, Cabinet Office 325w

    Political impartiality, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 324-5w

    Public expenditure, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 941-2w, 2064

    Security, Cabinet Office 4w, 323w

    Task forces, Cabinet Office 1639w

    Task forces, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1497w

    Travel, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1564w

    World War II, Concentration camps 357-8


    Pre-school education 298w

    Welfare tax credits 201w

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