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National Association for Mental Health

    see MIND

National Association of Citizens' Advice Bureaux

National Centre for Replacement Etc of Animals in Research

National Forest Company

National income

National Institute for Clinical Excellence

National Institute for Medical Research

National insurance

National insurance contributions

National Insurance Fund

National lottery

    Family Planning Association 1133w

National Lottery Bill 2004/05

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (25.11.2004) 245

National Missing Persons Helpline

National Offender Management Service

    Information technology 392w

National Physical Laboratory

National Probation Directorate

National Probation Service for England and Wales

National Railway Museum

National security



    Public appointments 27-8w

Natural gas

Nature conservation



Nawaz, Maajid

Necrotising fasciitis

    Northern Ireland 619w


Neighbourhood watch schemes

Neill Committee

    see Committee on Standards in Public Life


New businesses

New deal for disabled people

New deal for lone parents

New deal for long term unemployed

New deal for young people

New deal schemes

New Scotland Yard

    see Metropolitan Police

Newcastle upon Tyne

    Home energy efficiency scheme 1514w

    Primary health care 1323w

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust

Newspaper press


NHS Direct

NHS Family Choice

NHS foundation trusts

NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust

NHS National Programme for Information Technology

NHS Plus

NHS Professionals

"NHS Professionals Special Health Authority Accounts, 2003/04"

NHS treatment centres

    St George's Hospital Tooting 1081w



    Export credit guarantees 888w

Nitrate sensitive areas


    Heathrow Airport (21.12.2004) 2113-6

Nolan Committee

    see Committee on Standards in Public Life

Non-departmental public bodies

    Dept for Education and Skills 769w

Non-domestic rates

Non-Domestic Rating (Chargeable Amounts) (England) Regulations 2004

                  Chamber Debates

Non-governmental organisations

    EC grants and loans 870w


Norfolk Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Strategic Health Authority

Norman, Mr Archie

                  Chamber Debates


    Junior doctors, Working hours 554w

North Atlantic Ocean

    Air traffic control 5-6ws

North East region

    Adult learning grant 1036w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1049w

    Regional government 1049w

North West region

    Mental health services 1478w

North Yorkshire

    Crown Prosecution Service 206w

    Electronic government 259w

    General practitioners 974w

    Inheritance tax 534w

North Yorkshire Police

Northern Cyprus

Northern Ireland

    Antisocial behaviour orders 445-6w

    Civil partnerships 883w

    Civil service agencies 1419w

    Colorectal cancer 610w

    Community health services 611-2w

    Counterfeit manufacturing 1205w

    Eating disorders 613w

    EC environmental policy 784w

    Emergency services 613w

    Fly tipping 62w

    Foreign investment in UK 138w

    Health education 450w

    Health professions 608w

    Human trafficking 330w

    Immobilisation of vehicles 790w

    Industrial diseases 450w

    Industrial health and safety 448w

    Medical treatments 623w

    Mental health services 618w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 616w

    Necrotising fasciitis 619w

    Operating theatres 925w

    Passive smoking 788w

    Social rented housing 616w

    Traffic wardens 25w

    Winter fuel payments 448w

Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children

    see Office of the Commissioner for Children and Young People for Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency

Northern Ireland Executive Dept of Education

Northern Ireland Executive Dept of Health Social Services and Public Safety

    Operating costs 612w

Northern Ireland government

    Ministerial statements (09.12.2004) 1285-99

Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Northern Ireland local health and social care groups

Northern Ireland Office

    Cellular phones 918w

    Crimes against property 917w

    Electronic government 204w

    European Constitution Treaty 329-30w

    Ministers' private offices 1421w

    Official engagements 924w

    Private finance initiative 920w

    Public private partnerships 447w

Northern Ireland Police Fund

    see Police Fund (Northern Ireland)

Northern Ireland Prison Service

Northern Ireland Rural Development Council

    see Rural Development Council

Northern region




    Crown Prosecution Service 206-7w

    Industrial diseases 221w

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