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Snow and ice

Soames, Mr Nicholas

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech, Foreign policy (24.11.2004) 118-28, 140-1


    Aircraft, Noise 32w

    Aircraft, Seaford 33w

    Armed forces, Electoral register 1573w

    Army Training and Recruiting Agency 907w

    Army, Courts martial 351

    EU rapid reaction force 339w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 345, 1577w

    Regional planning and development, South East region 38w

Social Fund

Social housing grant

Social rented housing

    Antisocial behaviour orders 930w

    Northern Ireland 616w

Social security benefits

    Herefordshire 6ws

Social Security Child Support and Tax Credits (Decisions and Appeals) Amendment Regulations 2004

                  Chamber Debates

Social services

    Primary care trusts 359w

Social workers

Sodium benzoate

Solar power

Soley, Mr Clive


    Adult education, Ealing 1038w

    Business questions 1285

    Urechean, Serafim 898w



    Immigration and Nationality Directorate 40ws



    General practitioners 1150w


South and West Devon Health Authority

South East region

South Eastern Trains

South Korea

    Nuclear weapons 900w

South West Peninsula Strategic Health Authority

    Finance 8w

South West region

    Education maintenance allowance 1284w

    Health services 6-7w

    Level crossings 33w

    Renewable energy 225w

South West Trains

South Yorkshire

    Foreign investment in UK 1267


Southern Africa

Southern region


Southworth, Ms Helen


Space technology

    Dept of Trade and Industry 216w


Speaker and deputies

                  Chamber Debates

    Disallowed questions (01.12.2004) 630, (13.12.2004) 1386, (20.12.2004) 1908

    Ewing, Annabelle, Members' suspension (16.12.04) 1806

    Orders and regulations motions (07.12.2004) 1038, (14.12.2004) 1641

    Royal Assent (16.12.2004) 1877

    Rulings and statements, Disclosure of information (14.12.04) 1575-6

    Rulings and statements, Documents (14.12.04) 1582, (15.12.04) 1670

    Rulings and statements, Eight minutes rule (29.11.04) 377, (20.12.04) 1964

    Rulings and statements, Fifteen minutes rule (01.12.04) 660

    Rulings and statements, Members (23.11.04) 1-3

    Rulings and statements, Unparliamentary expressions (24.11.04) 119, (02.12.04) 813, (16.12.04) 1806

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Points of order (08.12.2004) 152wh, (14.12.2004) 221wh

    Rulings and statements, Clocks and watches (02.12.04) 8wh

Special areas of conservation

Special constables

Special educational needs

Speech therapy

    Ear nose and throat 114w

Speed limits

    Driving offences 521w

    Road signs and markings 1020w

Spellar, Rt Hon John, Minister of State, Northern Ireland Office

                  Written Statements

    Electoral register, Northern Ireland 27-8ws

    Regional planning and development, Northern Ireland 111-2ws


    Abandoned vehicles, Northern Ireland 1521w

    Antisocial behaviour orders, Northern Ireland 445-6w

    Civil service agencies, Northern Ireland 1419w

    Community development, Belfast 451w

    Disabled, Northern Ireland 918-9w

    Drunkenness, Northern Ireland 330w

    Elections, Proof of identity 449w

    Empty property, Londonderry 328w

    Fuel poverty, Northern Ireland 786w

    Housing, Northern Ireland 205w

    Housing benefit, Fraud 449w

    Housing benefit, Northern Ireland 1424w

    Larne-Belfast railway line 24w

    Mobile homes, Northern Ireland 449w

    Northern Ireland Housing Executive 449-50w

    Property development, Belfast 206w

    Race relations, Northern Ireland 141-2w

    Roads, Repairs and maintenance 205w

    Sexual offences, Northern Ireland 1523-4w

    Social rented housing, Disabled 923w

    Social rented housing, Intimidation 616w

    Social rented housing, Lagan Valley 929w

    Ulster Defence Association 930w

    Winter fuel payments, Northern Ireland 448w

Spelman, Mrs Caroline

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech, Transport (25.11.2004) 322-6

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Parents (07.12.2004) 84wh


    Council tax benefits, Pensioners 569-70w

    Freedom of information 1631w

    Gambling, Licensing 989w

    Health, Expenditure 1080w

    Housing Corporation, Expenditure 935w

    Landfill allowance trading scheme 808w

    Mortgage relief 96w

    Plastics, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 48w

    Public bodies, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 456w

    Public expenditure, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1486w

    Regional archive councils 824-5w

    Regional planning and development 1563w

    Regional spatial strategies 1494w

    Regional sports boards 825w

    Stamp duty land tax, Right to buy scheme 654-5w

    Task forces, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1118w

    UK climate impacts programme 1001w

    Visits abroad, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 347w

Sperrin Lakeland Health and Social Care Trust

Spicer, Sir Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Commissioners for Revenue and Customs Bill, 2R (08.12.2004) 1200, 1205

    Queen's speech (23.11.2004) 42-6


    Railways, Pedestrian crossings 196w

    Set-aside schemes 48w

Spinal injuries

Spink, Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions (16.12.2004) 1827

    Queen's speech, Foreign policy (24.11.2004) 107

    Queen's speech, Transport (25.11.2004) 254, 257

    Recess Motions (21.12.2004) 2146-9

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Iraq, Christianity (08.12.2004) 133-7wh


    Arms length management organisations 459w

    British Board of Film Classification, Public appointments 665w

    Business questions 244

    Child Support Agency, Administrative delays 847w

    Child Support Agency, Payments 568w

    Dental services 495w

    General certificate of secondary education, Standards 436w

    Government bills, Commons amendments 672-3w

    Legal aid, Antisocial behaviour orders 751w

    Magistrates' courts, Closures 365w

    Ports, Thames estuary 716w

    Railways, Overcrowding 715w

    Roads, South East region 2057


Sport England

    see English Sports Council

Sporting tours


    International organisations 1457-8w

    Local government services 938-9w

Sports competitors

    Learning disability (23.11.2004) 93-100

    Secondary education 427w

Spratly Islands

Spring, Mr Richard

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Insurance, Regulation 15-6w

    Primary care trusts, Finance 131w

    Primary care trusts, Suffolk 359w

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