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    Cambridgeshire (09.02.2005) 1624-32




Abandoned vehicles

Abbott, Ms Diane

                  Chamber Debates

    Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001 (26.01.2005) 321

    Food Supplements (England) Regulations 2003 (25.01.2005) 239, 250-1

    Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill, Rep and 3R (07.02.2005) 1205, 1210, 1216


    Afghanistan, Detainees 235w

    Asylum, Electronic tagging 372w

    Caribbean, Hurricanes and tornadoes 1219-21w

Academy for Sustainable Communities

Access to work programme

    Northern Ireland 599w

Accident and emergency departments

    East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust 740w


    Chinook helicopters 331w


Action for Employment

    Dept for Work and Pensions 55w

Acute beds

Administration of justice

Admissibility of evidence

    Electronic surveillance 18-9ws


Adult Learning Inspectorate


    Alcoholic drinks 630w

    Dept for Education and Skills 93w, 368w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 7w, 336w, 1028w

    Dept for International Development 27w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 939w

    Ministry of Defence 52w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 442w

    Scotland Office 395w

Adviser Discretion Fund

Advisory bodies

Advisory services

    Dept for Work and Pensions 53w


Aerospace industry

    Government assistance 930w



    International assistance 16-7w

African Union

Agricultural products

Agricultural shows


    see also Farmers and Farms

Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission

Ainger, Mr Nick, Lord Commissioner of Her Majesty's Treasury

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Agriculture, South West region (01.02.2005) 198-200wh

Ainsworth, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates


    Burns, Health services 1611w

    Floods, Pollution control 197w

    Oil, Pollution 13w

    Waste disposal, Planning 201w

Air pollution

Air routes

Air traffic control

Airbus UK

Aircraft carriers


Al-Saadi, Amir


Alcoholic drinks

    Northern Ireland 509w

    Public order offences (25.01.2005) 1-21wh

Alexander, Mr Douglas, Minister of State for Trade, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Dept of Trade

                  Written Statements

    Indian Ocean tsunami 5-6ws


    Advertising, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 939w

    Bangladesh, Bombings 1199w

    British overseas territories, Corporal punishment 858-60w

    Burma, Defence equipment 713w

    Burma, Indian Ocean tsunami 147w

    Burma, Internally displaced persons 857w

    Burma, Political prisoners 520-3w

    Burma, Sanctions 38w

    Burundi, Internally displaced persons 934-5w

    Burundi, Politics and government 935w

    Democratic Republic of Congo 448-9

    Developing countries, Trade 1373w

    Diplomatic bags 523w

    Diplomatic immunity 1549w

    EC action, Asylum 867w

    EC action, Dept of Trade and Industry 1261-2w

    EC grants and loans, Reform 529w

    EU Competitiveness Council 398w

    European Constitution Treaty 531-2w

    Export credit guarantees 1788w

    Export credit guarantees, Renewable energy 1262w

    Export Credits Guarantee Dept, Forms 397w, 799w

    Georgia, Religious freedom 524w

    Greater London, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 148w

    Indonesia, Human rights 240w

    Iran, Territorial waters 937w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 230w

    Irian Jaya, Human rights 1204w

    Kashmir, Diplomatic relations 233w

    Lighting, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 860w

    Maldives, Elections 154

    Members, Correspondence 523w

    Moro Islamic Liberation Front 866w

    Nepal, Politics and government 1460-2w

    Nepal, UN High Commissioner for Refugees 526w

    Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market 1799w

    Pakistan, Capital punishment 716w

    Prisoners, British nationality 857w

    Shipping, Lowestoft 532w

    Singapore, Trade agreements 1464w

    South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, Conferences 1557w

    South East Asia, Terrorism 870w

    Sri Lanka, Travel information 939w

    Syrian Arab Republic, Proscribed organisations 526w

    Training, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1709-10w

    Ukraine, EC external trade 801w

    Vietnam, Capital punishment 526-7w

    Vietnam, Politics and government 527w

    Vietnam, World Trade Organisation 1467w

    Zimbabwe, EC external relations 940w

Allan, Mr Richard

                  Chamber Debates


    Electronic government 1588w

    NHS, Information technology 1624w

Allen, Mr Graham

                  Chamber Debates


    Administration of justice, Community development 1339

    Class sizes, Nottinghamshire 659w

    Doctors, Nottingham 888w

    Females, Politics 536w

    Minimum wage, Nottingham 217w

    Mortgages, Interest rates 444w

    New deal schemes, Nottingham 611-2w

    Nottingham, Dept of Health 557-8w

    Nottinghamshire Police, Manpower 697w

    Pre-school education, Nottingham 361-2w

    Prison Service, Religion 839w

    Public expenditure 446w

    Rapid transit systems, Nottingham 706

    Social security benefits, Nottingham 1355w

    Sri Lanka, EC external trade 828-9

    Unemployment, Nottingham 447-8w

    Welfare tax credits, Nottingham 408w


Alliance Medical


Alzheimer's disease

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