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Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000


Racial discrimination

Racial violence

    Oakington Detention Centre 94-5ws

Racially aggravated offences


Radiation exposure


    Sight impaired (09.03.2005) 1659-64

    12 Mechanised Brigade 1666w

Radioactive materials

Radioactive Waste Management Committee

Radioactive wastes



RAF Aston Down

    Planning permission 1946w

RAF Cottesmore

RAF High Wycombe

RAF Lossiemouth

RAF Marham

RAF Menwith Hill

RAF St Athan

RAF Training Group

Railway stations

    Cash dispensing 209w


Rammell, Mr Bill, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Written Statements

    "Hong Kong Six Monthly Report July to December 2004" 94ws

    Supply estimates, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 11-3ws


    Afghanistan, Politics and government 1434w

    Assets, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1993w

    Baltazar, Walter Cubas 1889w

    Cellular phones, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 26w

    China, EC defence policy 967w

    China, Journalism 967w

    Cleaning services, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 18-9w

    Conflict prevention 356w

    Cuba, EC external relations 17-8w

    Diplomatic bags 354w

    Embassies, Closures 805w

    European Constitution Treaty, Welsh language 1784w

    Furniture, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1046w

    Haiti, Peace keeping operations 356-7w

    Identity cards, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 361w

    Information technology, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1252w

    International Criminal Court 22w

    International law, Genocide 21w

    Iran, Capital punishment 806-7w

    Iran, Foreign relations 22w

    Iran, Politics and government 22-3w

    Iraq, Arms trade 357w

    Iraq, Crimes against humanity 970w

    Iraq, Foreign investment 23-4w

    Iraq, Sanctions 25w

    Iraq conflict, Legal opinion 1569w

    Israel, Immigration controls 1572w

    Israel, Public finance 808w

    Japan, UN Security Council 1441w

    Kazakhstan, Aviation 1379w

    Kazakhstan, Human rights 467w

    Kyrgyzstan, Politics and government 1574w

    Libyan Arab Republic, Foreign relations 1045w

    Lost property, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 811w

    Manpower, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1570-1w

    Middle East, Armed conflict 1785w

    Morocco, Political prisoners 813w

    North Korea, Asylum 1439w

    North Korea, Nuclear weapons 1439w

    North Korea, Politics and government 1786w

    Northern Cyprus, Elections 1042w

    Occupied territories, Employment 808w

    Occupied territories, Housing 1572-3w

    Official hospitality, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 15w, 354w

    Olazabal, Christina 1889w

    Paraguay, Embassies 968w

    Peru, Human rights 28w

    Plants, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 967w

    Postal services, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 28w

    Recruitment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1571w

    Russia, Economic situation 1890w

    Shipping, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 585w

    South America, Cocaine 1991w

    Standards, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 35w, 1786-94w

    Syrian Arab Republic, Foreign relations 1258-9w

    Syrian Arab Republic, USA 1258w

    Togo, Politics and government 1050w

    UN Convention Against Torture 972w

    Uzbekistan, Freedom of expression 812w

    Uzbekistan, Human rights 1576w

    Venezuela, Arms trade 1576w

    Venezuela, Colombia 15-6w

    Venezuela, Politics and government 660-1w

Randall, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Right of Reply and Press Standards Bill, 2R adjourned (25.02.2005) 609, 613

    School Meals and Nutrition Bill, 2R adjourned (25.02.2005) 597-9

    Town and Country Planning (Temporary Stop Notice) (England) Regulations (03.03.2005) 1183

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (23.02.2005) 139wh, 141wh


    Community development, Greater London 1841-2w

    School organisation committees, Conflict of interests 294w

    School organisation committees, Hillingdon 283w


Rapid transit systems

Rapson, Syd


Rates and rating

Raynsford, Rt Hon Nick, Minister for Local Government, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

                  Chamber Debates


    Constituencies, Wales 578w

    Council tax, Chorley 341w

    Council tax, Empty property 985w

    Council tax, Southend on Sea 1318-9w

    EC grants and loans, East Midlands 1122-3w

    Fire services, Casualties 328-9w

    Fire services, Disclosure of information 1121w

    Fire services, North Yorkshire 329w

    Fire services, Radio 327w

    Fire services, Recruitment 327w

    Fire services, South West region 989-90w

    Fire services, Standards 1247w

    Lancashire Combined Fire Authority, Public appointments 326w

    Local government, Complaints 1421w

    Local government, Inspections 337w

    Local government executive, Elections 1122w

    Local government finance, Leicestershire 338-9w

    Local government finance, Religion 1419w

    Local government finance, Sevenoaks 339-40w

    Local government finance, Southend on Sea 1679-80w

    Local government finance, Stafford 338w

    Local government finance, Worcester 985-6w

    Local government finance, Worcestershire 338w

    Local government services, Rural areas 1843w

    Local income tax 340w

    Non-domestic rates, Business improvement districts 639w

    Non-domestic rates, Greater London 1115w

    Non-domestic rates, Renewable energy 323w, 579w

    Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, Emergency services 462-3w

    Regional government, North East region 1123-4w

    Romford, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 325-6w

    Standards, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1423w, 1547w

    Urban areas, Regeneration 895-6w

    West Midlands Fire Service, Working hours 988w

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