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Dhanda, Mr Parmjit


    China, Religious freedom 1766w

    Culture, Finance 555w

    Disabled, Employment schemes 1686w

    Education, Disabled 1336w

    Local authorities, Equal opportunities 1826w

    Police, Equal opportunities 1826w

    Princess of Wales Regiment, Deployment 477w

    Prisoners, Deportation 965w

    Public transport, Disabled 1313w

    Radio frequency identification 586-7w

    Small businesses 984w

    Sudan, Crimes against humanity 92-3w

    Support for exhibitions and seminars abroad scheme 1632w


    Medical treatments 429w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 1672w




    Oxford University Press 17w

Diego Garcia

Diesel fuel

Dietary supplements

Digital broadcasting

Digital technology

Diplomatic relations

Diplomatic service

Direct payments

Director of Public Prosecutions

    see Crown Prosecution Service

Disability aids

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

                  Chamber Debates

    Com, Rep* and 3R (06.04.2005) 1500-10

Disability Discrimination Bill (HL) 2004/05

                  Chamber Debates

    2R, Programme motion*, Ways and means res* and Money res* (23.03.2005) 898-966

    Com, Rep* and 3R (06.04.2005) 1500-10

    Royal Assent (07.04.2005) 1641

Disability living allowance


    Northern Ireland 664w

Disabled facilities grants

Disaster relief

    Indian Ocean tsunami 25ws

Disciplinary proceedings

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 88w


Disclosure of information

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 104-5w

    Dept for Education and Skills 305w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 1627w

    Export Credits Guarantee Dept 674w

    Ministry of Defence 1754w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 284w

    Telephone numbering 1619w


    Dept of Trade and Industry 1613w

    Pregnant women 73w

Disease control


Dismore, Mr Andrew


    British Virgin Islands, Withholding tax 795w

    Housing, Barnet 164w

    Thameslink Railway Line 4w

Dispersal orders

Disposal Services Agency


Distributive trade


Djanogly, Mr Jonathan

                  Chamber Debates

    Inquiries Bill (HL), 2R (15.03.2005) 208-12

    Inquiries Bill (HL), 3R (06.04.2005) 1494-6


Dobbin, Jim

                  Chamber Debates


    British Pregnancy Advisory Service 616w

    Regeneration, Greater Manchester 880

Dobson, Rt Hon Frank


    NHS treatment centres, Per capita costs 271w


Doctors' list of patients

Dodds, Mr Nigel

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    British Pregnancy Advisory Service, Finance 522w

    Crimes against property, Northern Ireland 1412w

    Criminal injuries compensation scheme, Belfast 1420w

    Graduates, Northern Ireland 1305-6w

    Hyperactivity, Northern Ireland 1406-7w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Northern Ireland 1417-8w

    North South implementation bodies, Freedom of information 806-7w

    Northern Ireland government 254-6

    Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Finance 1291-4w

    Regeneration, Belfast 1284w

    Special EU Programmes Body, Freedom of information 1304w

    Teachers, Unemployment 1421w

    Women's Support Network, Finance 1306w

Domestic violence

Domestic visits

Donaldson, Mr Jeffrey M

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Water charges, Northern Ireland (16.03.2005) 80-3wh


    Disabled, Employment 664w

    Further education, Northern Ireland 664-5w

    Parades Commission, Public appointments 588w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Recruitment 865-6

    Royal Irish Regiment, Pensions 32w

Donohoe, Mr Brian H


    Civil servants, Scotland 1463w


Dorrell, Rt Hon Stephen

                  Chamber Debates


    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1648-50w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 1613w

Doughty, Sue


    Councils of Ministers, Written statements 1326-7w

    Learndirect, Student numbers 688w

    Renewable energy 417w

    Wood, Procurement 934w


Dovegate Prison

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