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Pharmaceutical price regulation scheme


Phoenix companies

Physical education

Picketts Lock

Picking, Anne


    Unsolicited goods and services, Telephones 222-3w

Pickles, Mr Eric

                  Chamber Debates

    Council tax (23.03.2005) 884-6


    Bus services, Concessions 940-1w

    Travelling people, Brentwood 956w

    Travelling people, Caravan sites 1136-7w

Pickthall, Mr Colin


    Crown Prosecution Service 647-8w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Complaints 647w

    Midwives, North West region 518w

    Redundancy pay, Taxation 293w

    Sure start programme, North West region 695-6w

    Teachers, Unemployment 306w



Pike, Mr Peter L

                  Chamber Debates

    Commission for Africa (14.03.2005) 32

    Disability Discrimination Bill (HL), Com and 3R (06.04.2005) 1505

    Equality Bill, 2R (05.04.2005) 1331


    Bangladesh, Overseas aid 176w

    Burnley, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1639-40w

    Burnley, Dept of Trade and Industry 1611w

    Burnley, Solicitor-General 1329w

    Common agricultural policy, Developing countries 394

    Health professions, Lancashire 276w

    Special educational needs, Schools 987-8

Pinochet, Augusto


Planning obligations

Planning permission

    Renewable energy 225w


    House of Commons 875w


Playing fields





    Foreign workers 584w


    Disclosure of information 1398w

    Equal opportunities 1826w

    Greater Manchester (15.03.2005) 56-63wh

    Racial discrimination 1128w

    Road traffic control 1399w

    Translation services 1280w

Police authorities

Police custody

Police grant

Police Information Technology Organisation

Police Procedures and Soham Murders Inquiry

    see Procedures Relating to Soham Murders Inquiry

Police Service of Northern Ireland

Police stations

Policing Partnerships (Northern Ireland) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

Political prisoners

Political refugees

    see Asylum

Politics and government

Pollard, Mr Kerry

                  Chamber Debates

    Aerials, Petitions (06.04.2005) 1544

Polling stations


    River Six Mile Water 1296w

Pollution control

Pollution Inspectorate

    see HM Inspectorate of Pollution

Pond, Mr Chris, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Work and Pensions

                  Written Statements

    Social security benefits, Fraud 134-6ws


    Carbon monoxide, Poisoning 1608w

    Child Support Agency, Administrative delays 294w, 597-8w

    Child Support Agency, Information technology 598w, 1254-5w

    Child Support Agency, Manpower 1255-6w

    Child Support Agency, Personal records 294-5w

    Council tax benefits, Leeds 501w

    EU Employment Social Policy Health and Consumer Affairs Council 98w

    Homelessness, Education 501-2w

    Income support, Recipients 1478w

    Income support, Tamworth 504-5w

    Industrial health and safety, Employers' liability 1477-8w

    Jobcentre Plus, Weymouth 95-6w

    Jobseeker's allowance, York 730-2w

    Low incomes, South West region 503w

    National insurance 598w

    Pensioners, Social security benefits 1478-9w

    Pensions, Automated credit transfer 1258-9w

    Personal income, East Midlands 598w

    Personal income, Yorkshire and Humberside 502w

    Social security benefits, Administration 597w

    Social security benefits, Asylum 1028-9w

    Social security benefits, Automated credit transfer 1260-1w

    Social security benefits, Expenditure 605-6w

    Social security benefits, Forms 95w

    Social security benefits, Fraud 420w, 500w

    Social security benefits, Inverness 500w

    Social security benefits, Recipients 1030-1w

    Social security benefits, Wales 1030w

    Social security benefits, Weymouth 100-1w

    Standards, Dept for Work and Pensions 101w

    Statistics, Dept for Work and Pensions 297-8w

Pope, Mr Greg




Porton Down



Post offices

Post traumatic stress disorder

Postal services

    Dept of Trade and Industry 416w


Poultry meat

Pound, Mr Stephen

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Woodcraft Folk (05.04.2005) 391-2wh


    Dept for Education and Skills 849-50w

Power stations


    Traffic Commissioners 532w

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