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Thames Gateway

    Combined heat and power 1471w

Thames Valley Police

Thameslink Railway Line

The Tote

    see Horserace Totalisator Board



Theme parks


Thomas, Mr Gareth, (Harrow West), Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for International Development

                  Chamber Debates

    Africa, HIV infection (05.04.2005) 1394-8

    Indian Ocean tsunami, Overseas aid (17.03.2005) 497-500

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    St Helena, Airports 6ws


    Accidents, Dept for International Development 869w

    Cambodia, Land mines 1200w

    Civil Society Challenge Fund 258w

    Developing countries, Oil 635-6w

    EC action, Treasury 289w

    HIV infection, Children 258-9w

    Indian Ocean tsunami 179w

    Malaria, Developing countries 177-8w

Thomas, Simon


    Attorney General, Cabinet 568-9w

    Cabinet, Codes of practice 569w

    Digital broadcasting 373w, Contracts 826w

    Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 1823w

    VAT, Religious buildings 1173w

Thurso, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2005 (17.03.2005) 440-6, 485

    Crossrail Bill, Carry over motion (07.04.2005) 1609-10

    Railways Bill, Lords amendts (06.04.2005) 1529-30, 1536

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Bus services, Concessions 811w

    Drugs, Scotland 127

    General Lighthouse Authorities, Finance 813-4w

    General Lighthouse Fund, Republic of Ireland 813-4w

    Location, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 970w

    Location, Dept for Education and Skills 1579w

    Location, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1641w

    Location, Dept for Transport 1506w

    Location, Dept for Work and Pensions 1685w

    Location, Dept of Health 1698w

    Location, Dept of Trade and Industry 1609w

    Location, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1600w

    Pension Service, Telephones 295-6w

    Stamp duties, Scotland 83w

    Welfare tax credits, Maladministration 1176w

    World War I, Departmental records 782w


Tidal power

Timetabling of bills

Timms, Mr Stephen, Financial Secretary, Treasury

                  Chamber Debates

    Appropriation Bill, 1R (06.04.2005) 1491

                  Written Statements

    "Debt and Reserves Management Report,2005/06" 17ws

    Financial services 47ws

    Parliamentary questions, Costs 47ws

    "UK Debt Management Office Business Plan,2005/06" 129ws


    Accountancy, EC institutions 471w

    Accounting officers, Treasury 78w

    Bank services, Fees and charges 479w

    Bus services, Pensioners 701w

    Carbon monoxide, Poisoning 946w

    Child Trust Fund 701w

    Child Trust Fund, Credit unions 544w

    Crown lands and estates, Orkney 1564w

    Customs and Excise, Location 943-4w

    Departmental expenditure limits, Treasury 1170w

    EC budget, Contributions 1171w

    EC budget, Fraud 547w

    EC grants and loans 80-1w

    Economic growth 469w

    Employment, Edinburgh 704w

    Employment, Females 293w

    Ethnic groups, Burma 1167w

    European Anti-Fraud Office 705w

    Exchange rate mechanism, Freedom of information 945w

    Financial Inclusion Fund 1172w

    Home care services, Leicester 545-6w

    Iraq conflict, Costs 548w

    Iraq conflict, Legal opinion 1565w

    Job creation, Aberdeenshire 290-2w

    Members, Correspondence 352w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Coventry 706w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Lancashire 291w

    National insurance contributions 1566w

    Occupational pensions 1307w

    Official residences, Treasury 548-9w

    Part-time employment, York 1174w

    Pensioners, Northern Ireland 1567w

    Pensions, Complaints 1565w

    Public sector, Pensions 947w

    Rates and rating, Animal housing 1567w

    Roads, Expenditure 947w

    Scots Gaelic language, Treasury 945-6w

    Sequestration of assets, Terrorism 713w

    Stakeholder pensions 948w

    Stamp duties, Greater London 948-9w

    Stamp duties, Shared ownership schemes 1463w

    Stamp duties, Tax yields 172w

    Stamp duty land tax, Cleethorpes 960w

    Tax allowances, Pensioners 355w

    Tax credit, Pension funds 171w

    Unemployment, Aberdeenshire 356w

    Unemployment, Wales 84w

    Unemployment, Young people 831-3w

    VAT exemptions, Insurance 547-8w

Tipping, Mr Paddy

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Appeals Service, Public appointments 727-8w

    English Partnerships 239


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