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"UK and the World Bank 2004"

"UK Debt Management Office Business Plan,2005/06"

UK membership of EC

UK Sport

UK Sports Institute

UK Trade and Investment

UK trade with EC


    Entry clearances 93w

Ulster Hospital

Ulster University

UN Commission for Sustainable Development

UN Commission on Human Rights

UN Convention Against Torture

UN Security Council


    Northern Ireland 805w

Unfair dismissal

Unified Appeal Tribunal

    see Appeals Service


Unitary councils

United Kingdom NIREX

"United Kingdom Passport Service Corporate and Business Plans,2005/10"

United Nations


    see Higher education

University Hospital of North Durham

University of Ulster

    see Ulster University

Unparliamentary expressions

    Rulings and statements (04.04.2005) 1172

Unsolicited goods and services


    Nuclear fuel reprocessing 1326w

Uranium, depleted

    see Depleted uranium

Urban areas

    Closed circuit television 1267w

    Community hospitals 510w

    Planning permission 38ws

    Renewable energy 677w

Urban Regeneration Agency

    see English Partnerships


    Foreign relations 21w

    Nuclear weapons 835w

    Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1493-4w


    Human rights 94w

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