Select Committee on Constitutional Affairs Seventh Report

Reports from the Constitutional Affairs Committee

Session 2003-04
First Special Report Protection of a witness - privilegeHC 210
First ReportJudicial appointments and a Supreme Court (court of final appeal)

Government response

HC 48

Cm 6150

Second Special ReportGovernment Response to the Fourth Report on Immigration and Asylum: the Government's proposed changes to publicly funded immigration and asylum work HC 299
Second ReportAsylum and Immigration Appeals

Government response

HC 211

Cm 6236

Third ReportWork of the Committee 2003 HC 410
Fourth ReportCivil Legal Aid: adequacy of provision

Government response

HC 391

Cm 6367

Third Special ReportFurther Government Response to the Second Report on Asylum and Immigration Appeals HC 868
Fifth ReportDraft Criminal Defence Service Bill

Government response

HC 746

Cm 6410

Session 2004-05
First ReportFreedom of Information Act 2000 — progress towards implementation HC 79
Second ReportWork of the Committee in 2004 HC 207
Third ReportConstitutional Reform Bill [Lords]: the Government's proposals

Government response

HC 275

Cm 6488

Fourth ReportFamily Justice: the operation of the family courts

Government response

HC 116

Cm 6507

Fifth ReportLegal aid: asylum appeals HC 276
Sixth ReportElectoral Registration (Joint Report with ODPM: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions Committee) HC 243

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Prepared 3 April 2005