Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Second Report


1. This is the annual report of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee on its activity over the past year, 2004. It is the third such report against the objectives and tasks for select committees set by the Liaison Committee (the forum for all select committee chairmen and -women) following a Resolution of the House.

2. This Report supplements two other records of activity: Minutes of Proceedings (from January 2005 to be produced on a more regular basis) and the Sessional Returns (produced on a sessional basis).[1] The Minutes of Proceedings are a procedural and chronological record of the decisions of the Committee. The Committee's entry in the Sessional Return contains non-procedural information in aggregate form about members' attendance, staff, witnesses, visits, votes, publications and other matters. Expenditure incurred by the Committee is also set out in this volume. A summary of this information is annexed to this Report.

3. The Liaison Committee uses all this information to make a report on the select committee system as a whole. The most recent example was the Liaison Committee's First Report, 2003-04, Annual Report for 2003, HC 446.

1   Ref to Minutes of Proceedings, 2003-04, HC 1026 and Sessional Return, 2003-04, HC 1 Back

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Prepared 24 February 2005