Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Second Report

The framework


4. The objectives for select committees constitute guidance on implementing the general remit for departmentally—related committees set out in Standing Order No. 152.

Remit (Standing Orders)

—  To examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the relevant government department and associated public bodies

Objectives and tasks (Liaison Committee)

—  Objective A: to examine and comment on the policy of the Department

—  Objective B: to examine the expenditure of the Department

  • the expenditure plans and out-turn of the Department, its agencies and principal non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs)

—  Objective C : to examine the administration of the Department

  • the Department's Public Service Agreements, the associated targets and the statistical measurements employed
  • the work of the Department's executive agencies, NDPBs, regulators and other associated public bodies
  • major appointments made by the department
  • the implementation of legislation and major policy initiatives

—  Objective D: to assist the House in debate and decision, producing reports which are suitable for debate in the House and its committees, including Westminster Hall.

Implications for Government

5. As the Liaison Committee has suggested, the implications of these objectives and tasks are as significant for Government as they are for Parliament. The successful implementation of this framework rests upon the willingness of government departments to supply regular and comprehensive briefing on developments within their respective remits.

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Prepared 24 February 2005