Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Second Report


6. In 2004 we undertook a body of work reflecting key policy developments, a responsiveness to events and an awareness of the importance of reviewing developments in areas previously covered. The Committee's substantive Reports in calendar year 2004 are set out below (relevant previous work is in italics).[2]

Session 2003-04

Second Report - DCMS Annual Report: Work of the Department in 2002-03

  Objectives and performance of the DCMS, 1997-98

  The DCMS and its Quangos, 1998-99

Third Report - Broadcasting in Transition

  The Communications White Paper, 2000-01

Fifth Report - Reform of the National Lottery

  The Operation of the National Lottery, 2000-01

Sixth Report - Arts Development: Dance

  Arts Development, 2001-02

Seventh Report - Drugs and role models in sport: making and setting examples

Session 2004-05

First Report - A public BBC

  The Future of the BBC, 1993-94 (National Heritage Committee)

The Funding of the BBC, 1999-2000

7. The Committee also took evidence from other witnesses without producing a Report by the end of 2004.

a)  July: the BBC—governors and management executive—on the Corporation's annual report and accounts for 2003-04 (an annual fixture).[3]

b)  November and December: witnesses in the Committee's inquiry into public libraries; including ministers from DCMS, DfES and ODPM.[4]

8. In addition the Committee held a number of informal meetings, both at Westminster and elsewhere, with representatives of various bodies, including foreign parliaments and governments, on a wide range of matters within its remit.

2   See Back

3   Minutes of Evidence taken on 13 July 2004 (BBC Report and Accounts 2003-04) published on 20 October 2004 as HC 862-i) Back

4   Minutes of Evidence taken on 17 & 30 November, and 14 December, 2004 (public libraries) to be published as HC 81 Back

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