Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Second Report

Informing debate in the House

30. Our Reports and evidence informed proceedings in the House in a number of ways, including:
Inquiry Committee Parliament
Session 2003-04
MarchFifth Report, 2002-03, Privacy and media intrusion Report debated in Westminster Hall
Sixth Report, 2002-03, The British Film Industry Reference in 2004 Budget reflecting central recommendation
NovemberSeventh Report, 2001-02, The Government's proposals for gambling Report tagged to the Second Reading of Gambling Bill
Session 2004-05
-Fifth Report, 2003-04, Reform of the National Lottery Report to be tagged to the Second Reading of the National Lottery Bill
-First Report, 2004-05, A public BBC Report related to expected proceedings in the House on a further BBC mandate

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Prepared 24 February 2005