Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Second Report



The Committee held 36 meetings in 2004 (of which 25 were in public). Overall attendance by members was high at about 74%. In June 2004 Mr Charles Hendry left the Committee and was replaced by Mr Nick Hawkins.

The Committee took evidence from a wide range of witnesses:

a)  Ministers (11)

b)  Officials (6)

c)  Representatives of DCMS non-departmental public bodies (49), and

d)  Individuals and representatives of other organisations (102).


Overseas visits made by the Committee in 2003 were mostly in connection with its inquiry into the BBC and charter review. Members visited Dublin, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and San Francisco in June 2004 for discussions with relevant parties concerning technological developments and the likely broadcast environment over the next ten years. The Committee also visited Athens in advance of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in connection with its monitoring inquiry into progress of the London bid for the 2012 games (and a small group returned in November 2004 to discuss the aftermath of the Games and legacy issues).

UK visits were made mostly in connection with our inquiry into BBC Charter review and included: a visit to the BBC's research and development facility at Kingswood Warren; a formal evidence session in Glasgow; and consultation of young people at West Thames Community College and Heston Community School in West London. Other visits were made to recipients of significant Lottery grants in relation to the Committee's work on the National Lottery.


The Committee's staff complement was five full-time members of staff and two staff members shared with other teams. The Committee appointed two part-time specialist advisers in connection with its inquiry into the reform of the National Lottery. In addition the Committee benefited greatly from briefing commissioned from the central Scrutiny Unit: on the BBC Annual Report and Accounts 2003-04; the DCMS's Annual Report and Accounts for 2003-04; and supplementary estimates; and from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST): on technological developments in broadcasting (in connection with our Report on BBC Charter review); and on substances and methods banned in sport (in connection with our Report on drugs in sport).

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Prepared 24 February 2005