Select Committee on Defence Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 580 - 584)



  Q580  Mike Gapes: When the JSF comes through, there will be still Royal Navy PSA—

  Admiral Sir Alan West: Yes, absolutely right.

  Q581  Richard Ottaway: Switching from hardware to software, I have heard concerns expressed over the use of Windows in operating systems, which is a closed system. I do not know if this has come across your desk. It has been suggested we should be using a system other than Windows. Does this ring any bells with you?

  Admiral Sir Alan West: I have tried rather hard to know everything, but this is really— This is the Type 45, is it, Windows 2000 possibly?

  Q582  Richard Ottaway: Yes. We have all been flooded with correspondence about this.

  Admiral Sir Alan West: Have you?

  Q583  Richard Ottaway: Yes.

  Admiral Sir Alan West: I would need to go and— You almost caught me out, but I was aware of it.

  Q584  Chairman: Not almost caught you; we did catch you out. We will write a letter.

  Admiral Sir Alan West: I will need to come back to you on that.[4]

  Chairman: Thank you very much.

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