Select Committee on Defence Fourth Report


Major (retired) C T R Jones Ev 114
VT GroupEv 114
Brigadier (retired) G C Barnett OBEEv 115
ProspectEv 117
Mr John Smith MPEv 119
Regional Family of the Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment Ev 120
Ministry of DefenceEv 121
   Follow-up to evidence session on 15 September 2004
      Infantry Recruitment and retention figures and targets Ev 121
      Arms plotting Ev 156
      Challenger Tank numbers Ev 157
      Asset tracking-security systems Ev 157
      Reconciliation of aircrew and Fast Jet numbers Ev 157
      Membership of the Army Board Ev 158
   Investment Appraisal Ev 158
   Follow-up to evidence session on 20 October 2004
      Typhoon tranche 2 Ev 160
      Typhoon tranche 3 Ev 160
      Defence Airfield Review Ev 160
      Overall Force Levels Ev 161
      Fast Jets Ev 161
      Joint Helicopter Command Ev 161
      Chinook Mk3s Ev 162
      Protection of control towers Ev 162
   Follow-up to evidence session on 3 November 2004
      Reinvestment of posts Ev 162
      Territorial army recruiting Ev 163
      Costs associated with the infantry Arms Plot Ev 164
      Proposals for the Future of the Scottish Regiments Ev 164
      Foreign and Commonwealth data Ev 166
   Follow-up to evidence session on 24 November 2004
      Type 45 destroyers Ev 167
      MARS Programme Ev 168
      Software for Royal Navy vessels Ev 168
Follow-up to evidence session on 17 November 2004
      DARA Ev 168
      DLO efficiency savings Ev 170
      Asset tracking Ev 170
      DLO Efficiency Note Ev 170
      Smart Acquisition Ev 171
      Defence Procurement Agency Ev 172
   Follow-up to evidence session on 12 January 2005
      Amphibious Readiness Group Ev 172
      Civilian Affairs Group Ev 173
      Regimental Accoutrements Ev 173
      Regimental names Ev 173
      Research into regimental recruitment Ev 174
      Reinvestment of NI posts Ev 174
      Career structure Ev 175
      Inter-operable joint computer systems Ev 175
      Bowman Ev 176
      Helicopters Ev 177
      Future Rotor Craft Coherency Study Ev 178
   RAF personnel issues Ev 178
   Future Carriers-CVFEv 179
   Winter Supplementary Estimates 2004-5 Ev 180
   End to End StudyEv 181
   Letter from the Secretary of State for Defence Ev 213
   Letter from the Minister for the Armed Forces Ev 213
   Letter from the Secretary of State for Defence Ev 213
Letter from Rt Hon the Lord Crickhowell Ev 215 

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Prepared 17 March 2005