Select Committee on Defence Third Report


ALIAdult Learning Inspectorate
AFCArmy Foundation College
ASMWG   Army Suicide Management Working Group
ATRArmy Training Regiment
ATRAArmy Training Recruitment Agency
AWOLAbsent Without Leave
BARBBritish Army Recruitment Battery
BOIBoard of Inquiry
CHaRMCentre for Hazard Risk Management
CIF Common Inspection Framework
CNOCasualty Notification Officer
CRBCriminal Records Bureau
CRECommission for Racial Equality
CSLConfidential Support Line
CTCCommando Training Centre
CVOCasualty Visiting Officer
DADeputy Adjutant General
DCAEDefence College of Aeronautical Engineering
DAORDischarge As Of Right
DCLDefence College of Logistics
DCTSDefence Centre of Training Support
DGT&EDirector General of Training & Education
DOCDirectorate of Operational Capability
DSTDefence School of Training
DSATDefence Systems Approach to Training
EOCEqual Opportunities Commission
FEFurther Education
GCSEGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education
GNVQGeneral National Vocational Qualification
GTTBGround Trade Test Battery
HIVEHelp Information Volunteer Exchange
HMSHer Majesty's Ship
IOSHInstitution of Occupational Safety and Health
IPCCIndependent Police Complaints Commission
ITCInfantry Training Centre
ITGISInitial Training Group Instructor School
JNCOJunior Non Commissioned Officer
MoDMinistry of Defence
MDPMinistry of Defence Police
MPGSMilitary Provost Guard Service
NCONon Commissioned Officer
NRTANaval Recruitment Training Agency
NVQNational Vocational Qualification
PMSPersonnel Management Squadron
PTISPhase Two Instruction School
QCQueen's Council
RAFRoyal Air Force
RLCRoyal Logistics Corps
RMRoyal Marines
RMPRoyal Military Police
RNRoyal Navy
SATTSoldiers Awaiting Trade Training
SIBSpecial Investigation Branch
SNCOSenior Non Commissioned Officer
SPService Police
SSAFASoldiers Sailors Airmen and Families Association
STPShort Term Programme
UWOUnit Welfare Officer
WIWomen's Institute
WRVSWomens' Royal Volunteer Service

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© Parliamentary copyright 2005
Prepared 14 March 2005