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Here you can browse the Written Evidence ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 3 March 2005.


Memorandum from the Ministry of Defence

Current Funding Position of the TrainingRegime

Recruiting criteria and screening methodsused at recruitment

Soldier Recruiting Convention 2004, Bovington

Comparison of eligibility criteria forentry into the Armed Forces

Non-Offcer recruits: Input and outputfigures

Comparison of eligibility criteria forentry into the Armed Forces (continued)

Offcer recruits: Input and output figures

Comparison of eligibility criteria forentry into the Armed Forces (continued)

Letter from the Parliamentary Under-Secretaryof State for Defence to the Chairman

Army Cuts in Basic Education

Analysis of socio-economic and educationalbackground of non-officer recruits

Defence Guidelines for Remedial Trainingfor Phase 1 and 2 Training Establishments

Extract from Establishment Standing Orders:

MoD's understanding of its duty of careresponsibilities

Consideration of alternatives to currentduty of care practice

Commanding Offices: loco parentis

Allocation of duty of care responsibilities:Recruit ratios

Responsibilities, activities and presenceof the Chain of Command, Chaplains, WRVS at initial training establishments

Assessments of the work and effectivenessof empowered officers

Carers Groups in HMS SULTAN

Proposed changes to the current care regime

Development of policy implication since1988

CPL Instructor (Sect Comd) Army FoundationCollege Job Specification

Vetting procedures for civilians who areemployed to instruct recruits and trainees

NCO trainer core competencies

Duty of care Instructor training and selection

Cos' knowledge of convictions/allegations

Procedures relating to allegations againstinstructors

Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT)

Welfare provision for initial trainingestablishments

An overview of the structure that setsthe policy and delegates delivery, showing lines of responsibility

Tri-Service Policy: prevention and managementof suicide and deliberate self-harm

Ensuring recruits are aware of supportsystems

Figures on the use of Confidential SupportLine

Training of Naval Chaplains

Training of RAF Chaplains

Training of Army Chaplains

Armed Forces Chaplaincy arrangements

Initial training exit surveys

Cadet Forces

Reserve Forces: Values and training regime

Royal marines Discipline Issues dealtwith under the Army Act 1955

The Territorial Army training regimes,and DGT&E relationship with TA

Policy and provision of physical healthissues

Policy and provision of welfare and mentalhealth issues

Policy on bullying and harassment

Policy implementation

Description of complaints procedures;numbers made and outcomes

Bullying and harassment complaints: Phase1 and Phase 2 Army training

Bullying and abuse complaint statistics:Phase 1 and Phase 2 Tri-Service Training

Complaint and Record Keeping Standardsand Procedures

Analysis of information in occurrencebooks

Amended direction on the use of the dailyoccurrence book (MoD Form 315)

Mechanisms for ensuring that lessons arelearnt and implemented from complaints/incidents

ATRA discipline guidance

Recruit punishment guidance

Breakdown of charges: DACE Cosford

Numbers of Courts Martial or other disciplinaryor administrative procedures taken against instructors

Army Suicide Prevention Working Group

Army Suicide Prevention Policy

A guide to identifying vulnerability topost service wefare difficulties

Review of current risk assessment processfor preventing suicide in the army: Medical management of vulnerablepatients

Investigation into suicide and attemptedsuicide

Control and access to arms and ammunition

Systems and procedures for guarding establishments

Policy on access to firearms and otherdangerous equipment

Statistics on substance misuse in initialtraining establishments

Numbers of suicide and open verdict deathsof non-officer recruits at initial training establishments since1990

Suicide and open verdict deaths: Conclusions

Investigations by civilian police

Defence Police Forces

Defence Police Forces: Recent changesto jurisdiction

An update on response to the recommendationsmade in the Directorate of Operational Capabilities Appraisalof initial training

Procedures for Family Liaison Officerswho have contact with bereaved families

Casualty procedures: Disposal of effects

Casualty procedures amendment: Disposalof effects

Instructions and guidance relating tothe return of a deceased's effects

Boards of Inquiry

The DGT&E Action Plan: DOC 3 reappraisalof initial training

DOC: Supervisory ratios

Continued assessment and independent oversight

Sharing best practice

Army learning account (suicide, UD andDSH)

Commander's report on DOC and ALI recommendations

The possibility of a UK Military Ombudsman

Additional information requested followingcommittee visit to Harrogate and ITC Catterick

Fijian culture and tradition

Letter from the Minister for the ArmedForces to the Chairman

Memorandum from Mr Geoff and Mrs DianeGray

Further Memorandum from Mr Geoff and MrsDiane Gray

Memorandum from Mr James, Mrs Helen andMr Stuart Mckenna

Memorandum from Mrs Elaine Higgins

Memorandum from the Centre for Hazardand Risk Management (CHaRM)

Memorandum from Mr James and Mrs YvonneCollinson

Memorandum from PAPYRUS (Prevention ofSuicides)

Memorandum from the HM Inspectorate ofPrisons

Memorandum from Mr Des and Mrs DoreenJames

Memorandum from Mr Lembit Öpik MP

Memorandum from the Institution of OccupationalSafety and Health (IOSH)

Further memorandum from IOSH

Memorandum from the SSAFA Forces Help

Memorandum from the Independent MonitoringBoards' Secretariat

Memorandum from the Religious Societyof Friends (Quakers)

Memorandum from the Adult Learning Inspectorate(ALI)

Further memorandum from the Adult LearningInspectorate

Memorandum from the Health and SafetyExecutive

Further memorandum from the Health andSafety Executive

Memorandum from Lieutenant Colonel (Retd)Richard Haes OBE

Memorandum from Mrs Lynn Farr

Memorandum from the Youth Justice Board

Annex A

Memorandum from the Metropolitan Police


Metropolitan Police Public Order Branch—CO11& 12


Extract of CO11 Policy on Officer SafetyTraining


Metropolitan Police Specialist TrainingCentre SO19 Firearms Training

Memorandum from Surrey Police

Further memorandum from Surrey Police

Memorandum from the Air Cadet Organisation

Annex A to AC/14003/29/P1. Dated: 30 APRIL2004

Memorandum from the WRVS

Further memorandum from the WRVS

Memorandum from the Commission for SocialCare Inspection

Memorandum from the Interactive College

Memorandum from Professor Margaret Cox

Memorandum from the Centre for SuicideResearch, Professor Keith Hawton

Further memorandum from Professor KeithHawton

Memorandum from Mr Kelsey John Tainsh,MBE

Memorandum from the Forces Helpline

Memorandum from a Naval recruit

Memorandum from Mother of a former memberof the Armed Forces

Memorandum from ***, Deepcut recruit

Memorandum from ***

Memorandum from Mrs Norma Langford

Memorandum from the Deepcut & BeyondGroup


Further memorandum from the Ministry ofDefence

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