Select Committee on Defence Written Evidence

Analysis of information in occurrence books

  Guidance on the maintenance of the Daily Occurrence Book (DOB) was issued by PS2(A) in July 2003. A copy of this policy document is attached. It should be noted that the DOB is simply a log in which the main events that have taken place in a 24 hour period are recorded by the Guard Commander. The unit RSM will examine the DOB at the start of each working day and will decide what action is required as a result of the entries made. He will then in turn pass the DOB to the Adjutant and CO for their follow up action as necessary. Occurrences of a serious nature that are reported during silent hours or weekends are dealt with by the duty personnel as they occur in accordance with the relevant unit standing orders. Orders for the maintenance of the DOB are given in Unit Standing Orders.

  In the light of the Skinner Case these arrangements are being reviewed.

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Prepared 14 March 2005