Select Committee on Education and Skills Second Report

List of unprinted written evidence

Additional papers have been received from the following and have been reported to the House but to save printing costs they have not been printed and copies have been placed in the House of Commons Library where they may be inspected by members. Other copies are in the Record Office, House of Lords and are available to the public for inspection. Requests for inspection should be addressed to the Record Office, House of Lords, London SW1. (Tel 020 7219 3074). Hours of inspection are from 9:30am to 5:00pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Blackpool Local Education Authority (EOC 1)

Outposts Ltd (EOC 3)

Anne White (EOC 4)

Birmingham City Council (EOC 5)

Young Explorers' Trust (EOC 7)

Leeds City Council (EOC 11)

Fairbridge (EOC 13)

Shirley Ali Khan and Mike Fawcett (EOC 14)

Smallpiece Trust (EOC 15)

Wilderness Expertise Ltd (EOC 16)

CLEAPSS School Science Service (EOC 18)

Sayers Croft Field Centre (EOC 20 and EOC 33)

Severn Trent Water (EOC 21)

Magilligan Field Centre (EOC 23)

Julia Welchman (EOC 24 and EOC 110)

National Association for Environmental Education (EOC 25)

The Soil Association (EOC 26)

OCR (EOC 27)

Ty'r Morwydd Environmental Study Centre (EOC 28)


Norfolk County Council (EOC 32)

The Independent Schools Council (EOC 34)


Oxfordshire County Council Learning & Culture Directorate (EOC 37)

Royal Academy of Engineering (EOC 38)

Buckinghamshire County Council (EOC 39)

Flatts Nursery School (EOC 40)

The Woodland Trust (EOC 41)


Chris Johnson (EOC 43)

Gloucestershire County Council (EOC 45)

Bedfordshire County Council (EOC 46)

Medway Outdoor Education (EOC 47)

Weymouth and Portland Borough Council (EOC 50)

Alan Childs (EOC 51)

Institute for Outdoor Learning (EOC 52)

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (EOC 53)

National Council for School Sport (EOC 54)

University of the First Age (EOC 55)


Norwich Union (EOC 58)

Biosciences Federation (EOC 60)

Forest Schools in England (EOC 61)

Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management (EOC 64)

Sport England and Arts Council England (EOC 68)

Bradfords Countryside Service (EOC 69)

Northamptonshire County Council (EOC 72)

Play Matters (EOC 75)

Groundwork (EOC 76)

Education Services of the National Park Authorities of England and Wales (EOC 78)

Chalmers Smith (EOC 79)

Suffolk County Council (EOC 80)

Mersey Basin Trust (EOC 81)

Barnardo's (EOC 82)

Wildlife Trust (EOC 84)

Association for Science Education (EOC 85)

Whitehorse Leadership Training (EOC 86)

Cambridgeshire Environmental Education Service (EOC 87)

RWE npower (EOC 90)

National Youth Agency (EOC 91)

Nottinghamshire Local Education Authority (EOC 92)

National Museum Directors' Conference (EOC 94)

Institute of Biology (EOC 95)

Engineering Education Scheme, Wales (EOC 100)

Shropshire Wildlife Trust (EOC 102)

Outdoor Industries Association (EOC 103)

School Journey Association (EOC 108)

Mr NG and Mrs JR Thorne (EOC 115)

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Prepared 10 February 2005