Select Committee on Environmental Audit Written Evidence


Supplementary memorandum submitted by GCI

  Since providing the previous evidence to the EAC, several developments have occurred that GCI would like to bring to the attention of the Committee:


    —  This was an event marked by two things:—the first was Ratification of the completely inadequate Kyoto Protocol by Russia thus bringing it into force on 16 February 2005; the second was the continued refusal of the parties to commit even to discussions of adequate global arrangements, let alone the arrangements themselves.

      —  There was an agreement to a further meeting 16-17 May with a tentative agenda


        —  Evidence of accelerated rates of climate change was presented at the government's stabilisation-2005 conference at the Hadley Centre in February.

          —  This evidence was considered so alarming by several UK journalists covering the event, that they publicly took the view afterwards that "the earth was finished": .

            —  This in turn aroused a very considerable counter-blast calling for "Contraction and Convergence" (C&C) from the media watchdog media lens, which was picked up in the US media:


              —  Publication of opinion about "Contraction and Convergence" (C&C) by Defra and the FCO: usefully acknowledged that C&C was a clear example of a "full-term" framework.

                —  This reflects Defra's observation at the time of publishing the Energy White Paper that their work builds on C&C as presented by the RCEP page 13:

                  —  This assists the clear C&C position taken by DFID last 24 November:

                    —  It assists the position taken by IPPR in its new report, "Putting Our House in Order":

                      —  It assists the clear C&C position constructed by the meeting of Africa Environment Ministers at the Climate Change conference in Nairobi on the 24 February. and Ministerial statement

                      4.  THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND

                        —  In February the Church of England published a C&C advocacy briefing "Sharing God's Planet": and then passed a C&C resolution at Synod

                          —  The Catholic Institute of International Relations published a C&C advocacy document at the same time:

                          5.  CITY OF LONDON

                            —  In February the Corporation of London awarded Aubrey Meyer a life-time's achievement award, "in recognition of an outstanding personal contribution to combating climate change at an international level through his efforts to enhance the understanding and adoption of the principle of Contraction and Convergence. "

                            6.  BYERS REPORT

                              —  Coinciding with the above, the International Task Force on Climate Change convened by Stephen Byers MP published a C&C advocacy report in all but name advocating convergence to equal per capita emissions rights globally under a stringent cap:

                                —  A considerable array of literature based on C&C has been published contemporary with all this urging a variety of complex, confused, extreme and largely unworkable "alternative" convergence procedures.

                                  —  However, simplicity and diplomacy demands a recognition that the answer as agreed in Kyoto by major parties to the debate is that:

                                  7.  THE USA "BYRD HAGEL RESOLUTION" IS C&C BY DEFINITION

                                    —  Byrd Hagel and C&C.

                                      — is the only conceivable basis upon which a meaningful and effective consensus can now be built internationally to avoid globally dangerous rates of climate change and achieve prosperity with security. This formulation is the science-based precautionary template required by the UNFCCC with the global inclusivity rightly demanded by the US and the rights-based equity rightly demanded by Developing Countries. It is the global capping or carbon-enclosure of emissions that necessarily precedes the global trading of the entitlements to these.

                                        —  Our collective failure to establish this C&C-compliance prefigures drift into the nightmare conditions described in the Pentagon Report: change.html

                                        8.  ADVOCACY POINTS

                                          —  GCI urges the Environmental Audit Committee of the House of Commons to use the political capital of the C&C campaign—the recent evidence shown here and the accumulated evidence in GCI's earlier submissions—to make firm recommendations to HM Government and its agencies of Government.

                                            —  These are that internationally, we are on the eve of an historic opportunity. Tony Blair's role as Chairman of the G-8 and President of the European Union at this time, give him the position to fulfil his commitments to Africa and to us all to preventing the tragedy of unabated climate change, and making history by now establishing C&C as the over-arching framework within which this and the eradication of poverty will be achieved.

                                              —  The practical and achievable cross-party expression of this domestically is the exemplary proposals to establish Domestic Tradable Carbon Quotas by Colin Challen MP, and attention to this programme should be promoted as part of the forthcoming election agenda forthwith.

                                              9 March 2005

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                                              Prepared 29 March 2005