Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Ninth Report


Wednesday 8 December 2004
Professor Sir David King, Government's Chief Scientific Adviser    
Sarah Wynne, Dr Alice Bows and Dr Kevin Anderson, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
Professor David Powlson, Professor Alastair Fitter and Dr Ausilio Bauen, Biosciences Federation
Wednesday 12 January 2005
Mike Clasper CBE, Stephen Hardwick and Matthew Gorman, BAA plc
David Porter, Dr John McElroy and Andy Limbrick, Association of Electricity Producers, and David Green and Kirsty Hamilton, Business Council for Sustainable Energy
Gaynor Hartnell, Phillip Cozens, John Strawson and Mark Candlish, Renewable Power Association
Wednesday 19 January 2005
Sir John Houghton, Dr Andrew Dlugolecki and Christina Hutchins, Our World Foundation
Bryony Worthington, Friends of the Earth
Andrew Lee and Caterina Cardoso, World Wildlife Fund
Wednesday 23 February 2005
Nick Eyre and Brian Samuel, Energy Saving Trust
Ian Bateman, Don Lack and Bill Edrich, Local Government Association
Rt Hon Stephen Byers MP, (Co-chair of the International Climate change Taskforce), and Simon Retallack, Institute for Public Policy Research

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Prepared 1 April 2005