Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 852-859)


13 OCTOBER 2004

  Q852 Chairman: I will not say we are quite outnumbered but you have certainly brought a large number of people. We have before us the Self-Help Group for Farmers, Pet Owners and Others Experiencing Difficulties with the RSPCA. I do not want you to give your life history but might you just identify yourself for the record and let us know, if you hold a position in this organisation, what it is or if you are a farmer or animal keeper, just give us a brief introduction. We will start with Ms Jackson.

  Ms Jackson: I am the owner of the pet shop in Doncaster. I have come with Jonathan Cairns.

  Q853 Chairman: You are an owner of a pet shop in?

  Ms Jackson: In Doncaster and we have had experience of the RSPCA.

  Q854 Chairman: Mr Cairns, tell us about you.

  Mr Cairns: My position here is I have been asked by three separate groups to attend, the Self-Help Group, Ms Jackson and Mr Christopher Newman, whom I believe has been assisting the Committee with other matters. I believe I can assist the Committee with matters of practical application as far as the stages of investigation of the RSPCA are concerned and in particular with section 11(3) in the draft Bill.

  Q855 Chairman: When you are not doing all of this what do you do?

  Mr Cairns: I am a solicitor, sir, from Shulmans Solicitors.

  Q856 Chairman: Mr Arthur, where do you fit in?

  Mr Arthur: I am very much new to all this. I do not form an actual part of the SHG. I am just a private individual, I sit on the periphery of the SHG and discuss various matters with them, in other words I interact with the SHG.

  Q857 Chairman: And what do you do to keep body and soul together?

  Mr Arthur: Whatever I can, sir.

  Q858 Chairman: What are you doing at the moment or are you like an actor in between roles?

  Mr Arthur: I have been known to be an actor in between roles but yes, basically I am putting together a business at the moment.

  Q859 Chairman: Right. Mr Day?

  Mr Day: I am a veterinary surgeon in a referral practice. I write books and I lecture and I am an expert witness on occasions and I use alternative medicine. I have been asked on occasions by this organisation to offer advice and counsel.

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Prepared 9 December 2004