Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Supplementary written evidence submitted by Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, Europe

  We are very much concern regarding the Human Rights Report 2004. We are sorry to inform you that we are Bangladesh religious minorities facing gross violation of human rights. The religious and ethnic minorities of Bangladesh, a country was born as a secular democratic state in 1971 and which has now become what the Far Eastern Economic Review (4 April 2003) rightly calls a "concern of terror" or what the Time Magazine calls a "safe haven for Al Qaeda warriors."

  Because of the continuous atrocities of the successive governments and the fundamentalists Islamic forces, we left our motherland many years ago and have permanently settled in UK. Millions of religious minorities (Hindus, Buddhist, Christians) left Bangladesh and many of the remaining ones are still leaving the country. Due to the state sponsored policy of Islamisation and systematic and continuous persecution in the form of violent attacks on lives and properties of the religious minorities, destruction of temples and churches, looting, plundering and burning of villages driving the minorities away, raping and gang-raping thousands of minority women and children from the age of eight years to 80 years, collecting infidel tax for protection and also many black laws (like enemy/vested property act) aimed at destroying the religious minorities during the last 56 years (Since partition of the sub-continent), the percentage of religious minorities in Bangladesh has fallen from 40% to 10% at the present. The declared aim of the Islamic fundamentalist forces is to create a mono religious Islamic Taliban state in Bangladesh by driving all non Muslims out of the country or by converting them by Islamic force. We are extremely worried all the time for our relatives and friends there.

  As you are a member of the committee, we appeal to you to come forward and help us by expressing your solidarity in our fight against the Barbaric fundamentalist Islamic forces who are at present a threat to the civilised world. We appeal to your kind office to help the religious minorities in Bangladesh by raising the minorities problems with the respective minister and persuading the Bangladesh Government to stop all the atrocities and destructions being perpetrated by the Government and the Islamic fundamentalist forces in Bangladesh.

  It can be mentioned that Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, American State Department's human rights report, United Nations Human Rights report and many other organisations always covers Bangladesh part. Unfortunately, in your annual Human Rights report it seems that Bangladesh part is always overlooked or either ignored. So, may we kindly draw your attention so that you can incorporate the human rights situation in Bangladesh particularly religious minorities. We are enclosing few documents at the same time you are requested to explore our web and also go through Report of other human rights organisations for your kind consideration.

  Should you need any other enquires please do not hesitate to communicate with us.

Samir Das

General Secretary

Banglandesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, Europe

12 December 2004

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