Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Letter to the High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus from the Clerk of the Committee, 26 November 2004

  It was a great pleasure to meet you when you called on Donald Anderson earlier this month. As you know, members of the Committee visited Cyprus shortly after that meeting. The visit was very useful in clarifying a number of the issues which the Committee is considering, and we were able to gather much relevant information. The Committee is most grateful to the Government of the Republic of Cyprus for their co-operation with this visit, and for the high-level access which was generously given to us.

  The Committee has asked me to write to you, requesting some further assistance with its inquiry. Members have found it very helpful to have access to President Papadopoulos's letter of 7 June to UN Secretary-General Annan, and to the subsequent statement in which the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has set out its concerns with respect to the Annan Plan. As it prepares its Report to the House, the Committee would also find it helpful to receive copies of any correspondence or statements which articulated the concerns of the Government of Cyprus before the Secretary-General presented the final text to the parties on 31 March. The Committee is of the opinion that such papers could be of great assistance to it in forming its conclusions.

  A response to this request not later than 20 December would be greatly appreciated.

Steve Priestley

Clerk of the Committee

26 November 2004

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Prepared 22 February 2005