Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Written evidence submitted by Argyros George Argyrou


  I wish to bring to your attention the following matters in regards to the discussion by the Foreign Affairs Committee taking place in September regarding Britain's policy on Cyprus, Turkey and the Annan plan.

  The solution of the problem of the illegal Turkish invasion, ethnic cleansing and occupation of Cyprus is the full and immediate implantation of all relevant UN resolutions and European Court of Human Rights judgments demanding the immediate withdrawal of all Turkish troops and repatriation of all Turkish colonists from Cyprus soil and the unimpeded return of all the refugees to their homes with full compensation and reparations paid by Turkey the aggressor.

  There is no need whatsoever for a 9,000 page plan to achieve this. All that is needed is for action to be taken against Turkey in the same manner as action was taken against Iraq when it illegally invaded Kuwait so that the system of government before the invasion can be reinstated and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus can exercise its sovereignty throughout all of its territory as is recognised in Cyprus treaty of accession to the European Union.

  The Annan plan in no way provided for a solution to the problem of the illegal Turkish invasion, ethnic cleansing and occupation of Cyprus nor even a basis for a solution since it flagrantly violated the European Convention of Human Rights and the EU Aquis and paid no heed whatsoever to UN resolutions demanding the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all Turkish forces and the immediate and unconditional return of all of the refugees to their homes in safety and the repatriation of all the illegal colonists which have been brought into Cyprus from Turkey in violation of the Geneva Convention.

  UN Security Council resolution 353 (1974) demands the complete and immediate withdrawal of all Turkish occupation forces from Cyprus soil. The Annan plan fails to secure this and instead allows the occupation forces to remain in Cyprus forever. UN General Assembly resolution 3212 (XXIX) (1974) which was endorsed unanimously by the General Assembly and by the Security Council in resolution 365 (1974) also demands the complete and immediate withdrawal of all Turkish occupation forces without exception and demands that all of the refugees be allowed to return to their homes in safety. The Annan plan instead of allowing all of the refugees to return in safety imposes measures deliberately designed to prevent the refugees from ever returning and expressly limits the number of refugees who will be allowed back. UN Resolution 1987/19 (1987) of the Sub-commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities demands "the full restoration of all human rights to the whole population of Cyprus, including the freedom of movement, the freedom of settlement and the right to property". The Annan plan pays no heed to this resolution whatsoever and instead overturns it by deliberately restricting the freedom of movement, the freedom of settlement and the right to property and to establishment in business of the Greek Cypriots. The same resolution also condemns the "implantation of thousands of settlers from Turkey in the occupied territories in Cyprus". The Annan plan instead of demanding that these illegal colonists who have been implanted in the occupied areas of Cyprus in direct violation of the Geneva Convention be repatriated to Turkey allows them all to stay and give them full Cyprus citizenship.

  Following are just a few examples of the many conditions and restrictions put forward in the Annan plan which are deliberately construed to inflict conditions of life on the Greek Cypriots calculated to bring about their physical destruction in whole or in part.

  The Annan plan allows all of the Turkish colonists brought into Cyprus in violation of the Geneva Convention to remain in Cyprus and be given full Cyprus citizenship. This not only alters the demography in the north of Cyprus in favour of Turkey and legitimises a war crime but it also imposes a culture on Cyprus that is completely foreign to that of either the Greek or Turkish Cypriots. Whereas most Turkish Cypriots spoke Greek before the Turkish invasion none of the Turkish colonists do. The Turkish colonists owe their loyalty directly to Turkey and their continued presence would further the division of Cyprus rather than unite it. Since almost all of these illegal colonists have been given paramilitary training they would constitute a serious threat to any Greek Cypriot who should desire to go the north.

  Under the terms of the Annan plan not one single refugee would have received full reinstatement of their property nor compensation for being prevented from returning to their properties by the Turkish occupation forces as demanded by the European Court of Human Rights in cases such as that of Loizidou vs Turkey and Cyprus vs Turkey whose verdicts against Turkey the Annan Plan will strike out permanently.

  In fact the ultimate aim of the Annan plan was to turn the north into an ethnically pure Turkish apartheid state at the expense of the Greek Cypriots who are the legitimate inhabitants and who legally own 90% of the land and property.

  Annan intended to achieve the creation of an apartheid state by giving the Turks the right to stop all Greek Cypriots from returning to the north from day one of the adoption of his plan even if Turkey joins the EU by the addition to his fifth plan of Article 3 Para 6.

  The Greek Cypriot refugees residential proprieties would have all been effectively confiscated under the Annan plan since Annan states that the refugees would only be entitled to reinstatement of one third of the value of their property and the value of one third of the total area except in the case of a dwelling that they have lived in for 10 years or built with their own hands and even then any land they own greater than one donum will still be confiscated even for those whose property is in villages in Karpasia like Yialousa. In effect none of the descendents or heirs of the refugees, who would have to wait up to 19 more years for re-instalment, a total of 49 years from the invasion and 59 years in total from the time that a property would have been required to be occupied would have been able to obtain back any property at all and the most they could hope for in compensation would be one third of its value (which in any case would not have been paid until after 25 years). Hardly any of the refugees would have been able to get back their property under these conditions. Annan is waiting until almost everyone is dead but not being satisfied with this Annan imposes even harsher conditions on the refugee to reduce the amount of property that is retuned to almost zero.

  The Annan plan states that all the Greek Cypriot refugees business properties and properties and land owned by institutions and corporations would also all have been confiscated without exception even properties owned by the Church which are not used for worship and farm land.

  On top of being completely unjust this would have made it totally impossible for anyone to make a livelihood out of their own land and their businesses and other assets. (see: Article 10, Para 3c).

  If any Turkish Cypriot of Turkish colonist had built onto the land or property of a refugee owner he would be allowed to disposes the legal refugee owner and seek title to the entire property even if the refugee owner wished it to be returned. Unlike the British legal system which favours the legitimate property owner the Annan plan favoured the thief, the illegally Turkish occupiers and expressly stated this. On top of this even if a refugee were to get part of their property back the restrictions on settlement, establishment and ownership that are included in the Annan plan stop them from ever being allowed to live in it, use it or sell it in a free market.

  Not one Greek Cypriot would have even been allowed back to their homes in the areas supposedly to be returned because Annan has allowed the illegal occupiers to choose to be re-housed or to stay there forever. No mechanism was created to ensure that a refugee owner could repossess their property since Annan has clearly stated that all the provisions in his plan are in favour on the illegal occupiers and not the legal property owners.

  Not one penny in compensation would ever be paid out to anyone seeking compensation. Instead worthless compensation bonds and property appreciation certificates would have been issued which would never be redeemable since the refugees would unethically have been made to pay the compensation to themselves with their own money and taxes instead of Turkey which the ECHR has deemed legally culpable.

  The Annan plan striped the refugees of two thirds of their property against their will with no right to judicial recourse and no compensation and the other one third of their property would have been effectively stripped form them also.

  Attachment II Article 18 paragraph 5 states that not one penny arising from the worthless compensation bonds and property appreciation certificates will be paid out to the refugees until after 25 years.

  Article 18 paragraph 4 states that this compensation must be paid by the refugees themselves from their own taxes and not by Turkey.

  Article 18 paragraph 2 states that no interest will start accruing on claims until after six years.

  Article 18 paragraph 1 states that instead of the value of the refugees property being assessed on the basis of the value of comparable properties in the free areas the value of the property will be based on the current value in the occupied areas as it is today which of course is more than 10 or 100 times lower.

  The refugees would not only be stripped of their property, they would also have been stripped of its value and they will not receive compensation until after 25 years and then only if they paid the compensation to themselves with their own money. While at the same time the Turks would get to keep the property they illegally occupy and would have make a fortune when the value of the property rises.

  All cases being brought to the ECHR regarding compensation for loss of use of property would have been thrown out and all new applications wiould have been barred. Instead the refugees would once again be made to pay compensation to themselves.

  Under the Annan plan the occupation regime would have been allowed to keep 29% of Cyprus territory 90% of which legally belongs to the Greek Cypriot refugees whereas only 6% of Cyprus territory will be returned to the Greek Cypriots under conditions where they will be unable to evict the Turkish Cypriot and Turkish colonists who are occupying their properties.

  In all reality the Annan plan ensures that no land or property will be returned to the Greek Cypriot refugees at all and that it will be impossible for any of the refugees to every return to their homes or obtain compensation.

  In return for absolutely nothing the Greek Cypriot will be expected to pay for the rebuilding of the occupied areas, which they will not even be allowed to invest in and they will have to sacrifice their right to majority rule and even their right to vote.

  The Turkish Cypriots will be given one half of the seats in the Senate even though they only make up 10% of the population and Greek Cypriots living in the occupied areas will not be allowed to vote for their own representatives in that area but instead the people will vote as Greek and Turkish Cypriots (see Annex I Article 22 Para 3). In the Chamber of Deputies the 10% Turkish Cypriot minority will be treated as if it was 25%. The Turkish Cypriots will be given the right to effectively veto all legislation if 25% of them do not agree. Worse than that matters involving taxation, the federal budget, citizenship, treaties, election of the presidential council and many other matters will require two fifths or 40% of the Turkish Cypriots to agree. This will make Cyprus completely ungovernable.

  Instead of a single elected president who has the ultimate say in decision making there will be an appointed presidential council where the Turkish Cypriots will be given one third of the voting and non-voting seats and will also be given the right to veto all decisions. The Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the council will rotate from Greek Cypriot to Turkish Cypriot every 20 months. The 10% Turkish Cypriot minority are thus treated as if the make up half the population of Cyprus and no democratic accountability will exist whatsoever.

  On top of this the Central Bank will treat the 10% Turkish Cypriot minority as if they made up two fifths and three sevenths of the population.

  The Supreme Court will treat the 10% Turkish Cypriot minority as if they made 50% of the population with an unspecified equal number of Greek and Turkish Cypriot judges leading to further deadlock.

  The 10% Turkish Cypriot minority will be given four major departments to control including Defence and Foreign Affairs while the 90% Greek Cypriot majority will only be allowed four.

  The Attorney General will be a Turkish Cypriot. The transitional Supreme Court will be appointed by Kofi Annan himself and will include three foreigners and will be headed by a foreigner in order to ensure that there will be no justice for the refugees at all.

  The mechanism for resolving deadlock in any of the federal institutions is tantamount to anarchy (see Annex I Article 36 Para 6) with each side (any member of the Presidential Council, the President or Vice-President of either Chamber of Parliament, or the Attorney-General or the Deputy Attorney-General) being allowed to make an ad hoc interim decision, which will inevitably be contrary to that of the other party. None of the federal institutions will have any idea of who to follow and the system of government will totally collapse, and this is exactly what Kofi Annan wants to happen so that Cyprus will be permanently partitioned and the Greek Cypriots can be annihilated from their ancestral land in the north.

  In the transitional period the Turkish Cypriots would have been allowed to control the territory that will be allegedly by returned instead of the UN which would mean that the Greek Cypriot refugees who seek to return will have no political representation to determine their own affairs at all and will be subjected to the Turkish military and civilian occupation. As regards to security there is nothing in the Annan plan to convince anyone that the Turkish pogroms and harsh oppression against the Greek of Constantinople would not have been repeated in Cyprus.

  Greek EU citizens who have the legal right to reside and work anywhere in the EU will be prevented from residing in Cyprus if their number exceeds 5% of the Greek Cypriot population for 19 years. After 19 years Turks from Turkey will be allowed to flood the entire island since the Cyprus people will have no control over citizenship because this will be given over to foreigners as all.

  Because of the Annan plan the Greek Cypriots will never be permitted to return and form the majority in any of the villages they were ethnically cleansed from in 1974. Annan's restrictions mean that even if a Greek Cypriot village is empty today no Greek Cypriot will ever be allowed back unless 16 times as many Turkish Cypriots are allowed to colonise it at the same time (see Article 3 Para 7 of the foundation agreement). These restrictions because they are on a village-by-village basis will make it impossible for the Greek Cypriots to form any kind of viable community in the north.

  The limits imposed by the Annan plan on the number of Greek Cypriots who can go back to the occupied areas and that can reside in each village in these areas as stated in Article 3 Paragraph 7, effectively means that any Greek Cypriot who wishes to return to their home or reside in northern Cyprus is effectively forbidden from having children !

  According to the Annan plan the restrictions in Article 3 Paragraph 7 are on a village by village basis and because the Annan plan also deliberately denies all Greek Cypriots and their children the right to hold Turkish Cypriot constituent sate citizenship because their mother language is not Turkish, if a child is born to any Greek Cypriot couple or several children are born to couples and the birth of these Greek Cypriot children causes the population of Greek Cypriots to exceed 6% of the population of the village they reside in, the Greek Cypriot children will be thrown out of the places they live.

  On top of this the limits on the number of Greek nationals that can reside in Cyprus imposed by the Annan plan in Article 3 Paragraph 5, also effectively means that Greek nationals who wish to live or work in Cyprus are effectively forbidden from having children!

  In violation of EU law, from day one of the Annan plan taking effect and even after 19 years or if Turkey ever joins the EU the Turks will be allowed to prevent any unspecified and unlimited number Greek Cypriots from residing anywhere in the north under Article 3 Para 6 despite the targets set by Annan so the claim that even a limited number Greek Cypriots will be allowed to return is entirely false. After 19 years the restrictions on the rights of settlement of the Greek Cypriots will not be lifted but will be more restrictive than ever before and on top of that mainland Turks will be allowed to flood the entire island. No Greek Cypriots will ever be allowed to settle in the north by the Turks, not form day one and not even after 19 years.

  The constitution of the component state that will be created in the north states that will preserve its Turkish character and culture and Muslim religion. No mention is made of the fact that before the Turkish invasion 90% of its legal inhabitants and property owners were Greek Cypriots and no commitment is made to preserve its original Greek character, culture and religion. Turkish will be the only official language and the use of Greek will be restricted by the law. Anyone that does not have Turkish as their mother language will be subject to arbitrary expulsion even after 19 years according to the Annan plan and will not even have the right to vote. There will be nothing to stop the state of affairs in southeast Turkey where the use and teaching of the Kurdish language is forbidden, being implemented in the north of Cyprus in the case of Greek under the provisions of the Annan plan which will also allow the Turkish flag to be draped over every building as is the situation today in the fascist police state set up by the Turks in occupied Cyprus. The free formation and organisation of Greek Cypriot political parties in the north will be virtually outlawed in the same way as free Kurdish parties are outlawed in Turkey. (Articles 1, 3 para 2 & para. 3, 73 para 2, 74 para 2, 76 para 1 of the so-called "Turkish Cypriot constituent state" constitution)

  The Turks and I say Turks since almost the entire population of the north will be made up of Turkish colonists will use Article 3 Para 6 to justify their restrictions. Even if the Turks should choose to recognise the targets of the Anann plan and there is no guarantee to ensure that, Annan has made it clear that even after 19 years the restrictions on the freedom of settlement will remain and the Greek Cypriots will be limited to 18% of the population in each village in the north so eventually an ethnically pure Turkish state will be created as a fait acomplis in the same manner as the Genocide of the Greeks of Constantinople all over again.

  Since the Annan plan demands that all rights of appeal to the European Court of Human Rights as strictly forbidden and requests the ECHR to throw out all cases no Greek or Greek Cypriot will have any means of securing their basic fundamental human rights.

  The Turkish Armed forces will not be reduced until after seven years and then only to 6,000 only if Turkey gives its consent, which it is not required to do by the Annan plan. Even if Turkey joins the EU or 2018 the Turkish troops will still remain on Cyprus soil and will be sufficient in number to form a bridgehead. All the Turkish forces will be fully armed with weapons of mass destruction and will be free to conduct manoeuvres. The UN will not have any powers to intervene to ensure even basic compliance with its targets.

  Instead of the so-called federal government protecting the whole of Cyprus it is the constituent states that are mandated to do this. Cyprus will be left with NO armed forces and NO protection against renewed Turkish aggression and GENOCIDE. No protection force will be stationed on Cyprus to defend it and its people. The Turks will eventually be allowed to seize the whole of Cyprus.

  It cannot be anything but crystal clear to you and to anyone that has actual read the Annan plan in full that the Annan plan construes to inflict conditions of life on the Greek Cypriots calculated to bring about their physical destruction in whole or in part and is thus in direct and deliberate contravention of Article 2(c) of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide which was ratified in UN General Assembly resolution 260 A (III) of 9 December 1948 and came into force on 12 January 1951.

  Under Artice 3(b) of the above Convention the act of conspiracy to commit genocide is punishable. Under Article 3(c) of the Convention direct and public incitement to commit genocide is also punishable.

  The referenda proposed by Kofi Annan to endorse his plan incited the public to commit genocide. By voting in favour of the Annan plan the Turkish Cypriots sanctioned the perpetration of an act of genocide on the Greek Cypriots. None of the restrictions and conditions stipulated in the Annan plan including population quotes of 18% which were the same for both sides would have had any adverse affect the Turkish Cypriots wanting to go back to the south since they make up less 10% of the present population, and never made up more than 18% of the total population in their history, whereas the Greek Cypriot demography of the north of Cyprus which was 90% Greek Cypriot would have been entirely decimated by the adoption of this plan. The Turkish Cypriots by voting in favour of the Annan land voted for genocide and partition and have no right to be rewarded by the British Government. Similarly the British Government has no right to punish the Greek Cypriot for voting for their own survival and the re-unification of their country when they rejected the abomination that is the Annan plan.

  Annan's referenda contravened UN Security Council resolutions 541 (1983) and 550 (1984) by purporting to recognise the constructional organs of the so-called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" which these resolutions have declared legally invalid and have called on called on all states "not to facilitate or in any way assist this the aforesaid secessionist entity".

  The UN Secretary General has not only breached his own organisations resolutions and charter but he has conspired to commit genocide and incited the perpetration of genocide. Under Article 4 of the Convention "persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in article III shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals."

  There is only one solution to the problem of the Turkish invasion, ethnic clearing, occupation and colonisation of Cyprus and that is the punishment of the aggressor not their reward and a solution can only be achieved when,

    (1)  all Turkish troops have immediately and unconditionally been removed from Cyprus soil,

    (2)  all Turkish colonists have immediately and unconditionally been repatriated, and

    (3)  all refugees have be allowed to return to their homes in safety and have had their rights respected and the constitutional order has been retuned to the way it was before the Turkish invasion with Cyprus as a unitary state.

  Then and only than can negotiations start between members of Cyprus communities, Greek Orthodox, Maronites, Armenian Orthodox, Muslims and Latins on reforming the divisive Birthing imposed 1960 constitution, which led to this catastrophe in the first place.

  It is time for the British government to listen to the people of Cyprus and demand a just solution to a problem which it was in part responsible for creating and to stop rewarding the brutal rapist and punishing the victim.

  The solution to the problem of the Turkish invasion, ethnic clearing, occupation and colonisation of Cyprus is not the Annan plan nor any of its derivatives. A new simple plan must be devised which respects justice, human rights, UN resolutions, and EU and international norms and must be implemented by taking action against the aggressor if necessary.

  Here is the plan which I propose.

  Step (1)  Since Turkey has illegally stationed over 40,000 heavily armed troops on Cyprus soil a world wide embargo must be imposed on Turkey forbidding the export to Turkey of any kind of arms or equipment or machinery or intellectual rights that can be used for military purposes including manufacturing plant until it withdraws its troops from Cyprus soil.

  Step (2)  Should the announcement of Step 1) fail to achieve an immediate commitment by Turkey to promptly withdraw its forces completely from Cyprus soil;

    (a)  A world wide trade embargo forbidding the import of all goods originating from Turkey or transported through Turkey in whole or in part must be imposed within 2 months of the imposition of the arms embargo, this being a resemble time for all Turkish troops to be completely withdrawn.

    (b)  A blockade of all ports in the occupied areas of Cyprus such as that imposed when Iraq invaded Kuwait must be implemented by Greece and the United Kingdom as guarantor powers of the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union which has the duty to protect its territorial integrity so that all contact between Turkey and its troops stationed in Cyprus can be prevented and all trade between the puppet state set up by Turkey in the occupied areas and the rest of the world can be put to an end in accordance with the mandate given by UN resolutions 186 (1964) 541 (1983) and 550 (1984). On the same mandate a no fly zone on both military and civilian aircraft and helicopters must be decaled over occupied Cyprus including a 30 mile limit around its coast so that Turkey cannot use its air power to assist its occupation forces.

  Step (3)  Should the above sanctions fail to achieve Turkeys full compliance with UN resolutions and the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and Turkey has been sufficiently weakened, decisive military action must be taken against Turkey to force its capitulation, once air-superiority and superiority on the ground and in the sea has been achieved by Greece and the United Kingdom as guarantor powers of the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union which has the duty to protect its territorial integrity, so that Cyprus can be liberated.

  I hope my letter will contribute to a change in British policy.

Argyros George Argyrou

3 August 2004

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Prepared 22 February 2005