Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Written evidence submitted by Cypriot Forum for Labour

  Notwithstanding the fact that holding two separate referenda on the Annan Plan is divisive, nevertheless, had the Annan Plan been approved by both Communities in Cyprus, then and only then, could the UK continue to back it. It should be noted that the Greek Cypriots who form 82% of the island's population rejected the Plan by a majority of 76%. The Turkish minority of 17% who mostly approved the Plan included also the illegal immigrants from Turkey who are always aided and abetted by Turkey's occupying forces. The Annan Plan was rejected by the vast majority of Cypriots because it was unjust and unworkable and it would have rendered Cyprus a tripartite protectorate of Britain, Greece & Turkey. Her Majesty's Government should therefore accept the people's verdict.

  The Republic of Cyprus is a full member of the European Union. The division of the Republic is the direct result of the illegal occupation by Turkey of almost 40% of the Republic's territory. (This fact has been confirmed in a series of UN Resolutions, which aim for the withdrawal of Turkey's troops of occupation. The UK is a signatory to these UN Resolutions.) In addition, the case of the Federal Republic of Germany should not be ignored as a relevant example. In the context of EU recognition and diplomatic relations it was only the Federal Republic, which was recognised before the re-unification of Germany. East Germany was excluded from the EU, until the re-unification of Germany.

  The role of the UK in Cyprus should not merely be that of a referee between the two Communities for the following reasons.

    (a)  The essence of the Cyprus issue is that of illegal military invasion and continued occupation of part of its territory by Turkey.

    (b)  The United Kingdom is bound by International Treaty to defend the independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus.

  As the Annan Plan has been rejected by the vast majority of the people of Cyprus it cannot and should not be re-presented in its present form. Mr Blair's recent suggestion that the rejected Plan is "the best way forward" is unfortunate. While we appreciate Mr Blair's concern, we suggest that he takes constructive steps to improve the Plan so that it becomes acceptable.

  The British Government should not seek to alter its relationship with the northern part of the Island, because in so doing it would

    (a)  Contravene its treaty obligations towards the internationally recognised legal Republic of Cyprus.

    (b)  It would imply some form of recognition of an illegal state and quisling government imposed on the area by the illegally occupying Power, namely Turkey. Therefore, there should be no upgrading of the relationship because of the legal repercussions, which by implication could lead to the recognition of the illegal regime.

  So long as Turkey continues its illegal occupation of part of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus in contravention of the UN Resolutions, the EU's relations with Turkey should not and cannot improve. As long as the illegal occupation of the territory of a member country of the EU continues, the EU should not enter into any closer relations with Turkey because it would imply deviation from the hitherto Legal and Moral systems and Principles of the European Union.

George Hajifanis

Vice Chairman, Cypriot Forum for Labour

13 September 2004

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Prepared 22 February 2005