Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Written evidence submitted by Dr Ahmet Djavit An

  As I heard that you, as the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament, are going to review your government's policy on the Cyprus question and you asked for memorandums on the subject to be conveyed to your Committee, I send attached a recent study of mine which I prepared on the political situation in Northern Cyprus and on the status of the mainland Turkish settlers. It covers the period up to the last general elections and there is no great change since then.

  I hope it will give you an insider's look at one of the main obstacles of the ongoing interference to the internal affairs of the Turkish Cypriot community which are made a minority in their own homeland. You have to keep in mind that occupation and the settlers question created by Turkey is one of the main obstacles of the current impasse.

  I am ready to give you further information about the other aspects of the Cyprus problem if you wish.

Dr Ahmet Djavit An

13 September 2004

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Prepared 22 February 2005