Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Written evidence submitted by the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina


    —  Full and consistent implementation of the General Peace Agreement (GPA);

    —  Activities focused on B&H inclusion into European integration processes are the priorities of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina;

    —  Program of Activities for the implementation of priorities in 2004, which addresses recommendations from the Feasibility Study has been adopted. Further approaching and institutionalization of the relations with European Union, in accordance with Stabilization and Accession Process, are very important for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Coming to an agreement on stabilization and accession to EU, than its full implementation should significantly contribute to B&H inclusion into European integration flows (in this regard B&H seeks UK support to the further enlargement of the EU in order to, after meeting all criteria, become a full member and achieve its ambitious goal of joining the EU in 2009);

    —  Activities relating to the Euro-Atlantic security structures, with the utmost aim of institutionalizing the relations with North-Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) would be, first of all, directed to B&H inclusion into the Partnership for Peace;

    —  Full cooperation with the International War Crimes Tribunal (ICTY);

    —  Commitment to a continuous fight against terrorism and other types of organized crime (National Plan of fighting against organized crime has been adopted as well as set of laws, as a basis for structural reforms of police forces. Strengthening of the Ministry of Security is ongoing and permanent premises for State Information and Protection Agency are ensured. The Parliamentary Assembly of B&H adopted the Law on Indirect Tax System and other reforms in customs and tax system have been undertaken as well; Setting up the Regional Centre for the fighting against corruption, in the framework of the Stability Pact, is very important. In this regard UK is expected to be interested in its work by giving technical and financial support.

    —  Participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in multilateral activities, in particular, as part of the system of the United Nations (UN)—Coalition forces in Iraq;

    —  Bosnia and Herzegovina with its geo-strategic position, composition of state and its multi-ethnicity represents the basis for stability of whole region. Speed up of economic development and sustainable economy is the key for stability for all countries in Region. Measures regarding revitalization of economy and greater business cooperation are to be undertaken. Therefore, synchronized and simultaneous foreign investments in the countries in Region would be of the greatest effect. In that context, it is necessary to develop further regional integration and projects that stimulate lifting restrictions and trade barriers, in order to accept the standards of EU countries. All countries in Region signed the free trade agreements and therefore represent the respectable market of trade and workforce (high percentage of highly educated workforce). For this reason, there is the need for two aspects of engagement-political and economical;

    —  B&H recognizes the role of Office of High Representative in post-war period and welcomes the announcement for replacing it with the representative of the EU, that will contribute to the faster joining to the EU;

    —  Participation in realization and further promotion of bilateral relations through interstate agreements between B&H and UK in the field of economy and investments. (B&H expects UK firms to be more present by investing in B&H-by way of successful example of investing in steel industry in Zenica), Development Strategy, done with assistance of World Bank, has been adopted and by the economic reforms that will be implemented B&H is going to achieve its economic sustainability by 2007;

    —  Promoting relations in the field, of culture, science and art, with focus on adequate regional projects, is of vital importance for the stability of Region. Regarding projects, mentioned above, the role of British Council and BBC World Service could be of a great importance;

    —  Promotion of cooperation with neighbouring countries—Republic Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro, on the basis of common interest and principles of equality, mutual respect and respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity, represent priority of Bosnia and Herzegovina foreign policy;

    —  Bosnia and Herzegovina is developing bilateral relations, in particular with the member countries of the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board, with the USA, Russian Federation, UK, France, China and other member countries of the Security Council, member countries of the EU, countries in the Region, member countries of the Organization of Islamic Conference and with other countries which significantly contribute to reconstruction and development of B&H.

Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Prepared 23 February 2005