Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Written evidence submitted by The Bosnian Institute

  Here is a small selection of texts[28] from recent issues of Bosnia Report, for the most part translated from Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin or Serbian authors, that we think might be useful to the members of the Committee as they conduct their new inquiry. I shall send them both by e-mail and as hard copy, and would be grateful if you would let me know if there is any technical problem with the e-mail transmission (most of the texts were written in WordPerfect, but all have been saved in Word format).

  The texts are chosen to provide arguments that seem to me convincing on a small number of key themes: the importance of moving beyond "Dayton" structures if Bosnia-Herzegovina is to become a normal, democratic country on the road to Europe; the need to address the issues of independence for Kosova and potential independence for Montenegro without further delay and without prejudice; the necessity of strict "conditionality" if Serbia is to be helped to advance in a democratic direction; the link between democracy and regional stability (which is not served by merely seeking to preserve the status quo). I hope they will be found useful.

Quintin Hoare, Director

The Bosnian Institute

10 October 2004

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