Select Committee on Home Affairs Sixth Report

1 Introduction

The Committee's inquiry

1. We decided to inquire into terrorism and community relations, taking evidence on the impact the threat of terrorism is having on community relations and social cohesion, including public concerns about the terrorist threat, the impact on relations between different sections of the community, any rise in and exploitation of racial tension, and the consequences of anti-terrorist measures. Particular topics we considered included:

2. In the course of our inquiry we took oral evidence on seven occasions and received 55 memoranda. A list of those who gave oral evidence is annexed. We also visited France and the Netherlands.

3. We would like to thank the two Specialist Advisers appointed to assist the inquiry: Professor Humayun Ansari of Royal Holloway, University of London, and Professor Conor Gearty of the London School of Economics.

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Prepared 6 April 2005