Select Committee on Home Affairs Sixth Report

Witnesses (page numbers refer to Vol III)

Mr Ben Ward, Counsel, Human Rights Watch, Mr Les Levidow, Campaign against Criminalising Communities, Mr Gerry Gable, Publisher, Searchlight, and Mr Paul Donovan, journalist.

Tuesday 16 November 2004

Mr Henry Grunwald QC, President, and Mr Michael Whine, Defence Director, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Mr Sadiq Khan, Chair, and Mr Khalid Sofi, Secretary, Legal Affairs Committee, the Muslim Council of Britain, and Mr Jagdeesh Singh, the Sikh Community Action Network.

Tuesday 14 December 2004

Mr Christopher Jones, Policy Adviser for Home Affairs, and Canon Guy Wilkinson, Interfaith Relations Adviser, Church of England, Dr Don Horrocks, Head of Public Affairs, Evangelical Alliance, Rev Katei Kirby, African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance, and Mr Richard Zipfel, Department for Christian Responsibility and Citizenship, and Father Philip Sumner, Parish Priest, Oldham, Catholic Bishops Conference.

Ms Samar Mashadi, Director, and Mr Imran Khan, Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism, and Mr Ramesh Kallidai, General Secretary, and Mr Venilal Vaghela, Vice President, the Hindu Forum of Britain.

Mr Danny Stone, Campaigns Organiser, and Ms Luciana Berger, member of NUS National Executive, Union of Jewish Students, and Mr Raja Miah MBE, Senior Officer, Ms Carolyn Gomm, Training Officer, Ms Josie Tyas and Ms Karine Bailey, PeaceMaker.

Tuesday 11 January 2005

Mr Bob Satchwell, Executive Director, Society of Editors, and Mr Robin Esser, Executive Managing Editor, Daily Mail, and Mr Mark Easton, Home Editor, and Ms Claire Powell, Chief Adviser, Editorial Policy, BBC.

Tuesday 25 January 2005

Chief Constable Matthew Baggott, Second Vice-President of ACPO and Lead on Race and Diversity, and Assistant Chief Constable Robert Beckley, Lead on Faith, Member of Terrorism and Allied Matters Team, ACPO, Detective Superintendent David Tucker, Metropolitan Police, Mr Ken Macdonald QC, Director of Public Prosecutions, and Mr Nick Hardwick, Chair, Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Thursday 10 February 2005

Mr Darra Singh, Chief Executive, Luton Borough Council, Mr Zafar Khan, Chairman, Luton Council of Faiths, Chief Superintendent Ivor Twydell, Bedfordshire Police, Dr Nazia Khanum, Director, Equality in Diversity, and Mr Tahir Khan, Adviser, Bangladesh Youth League.

Tuesday 1 March 2005

Ms Hazel Blears MP, Minister of State for Crime Reduction, Policing, Community Safety and Counter-Terrorism, Mr Bob Whalley, Director, Counter-terrorism and Intelligence, Mr Tony Lord, Crime Reduction and Community Safety Group, and Ms Judith Lempriere, Head, Cohesion and Faiths Unit, Home Office

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Prepared 6 April 2005