Select Committee on Home Affairs Written Evidence

8. Joint memorandum submitted by Tony McNulty MP, Joan Ryan MP, Peter Luff MP, Stephen Pound MP, Keith Vaz MP, Laura Moffatt MP, Karen Buck MP and Barry Gardiner MP


  In response to the above extract from your Committee's proceedings of the 16 November 2004 on "Terrorism and Community Relations", we wish to draw to your attention the following element of Mr Singh's response to Q164:

  ". . . One thing that we would add, and add very forcefully, is that in this country while the British Government see fit to do what it has done in terms of anti-terrorism—banning various organisations and so forth—one thing very puzzlingly it consistently has done is allow a prominent organisation, the VHP, to continue to function from North London from a prominent location ie the Neasden Hindu Temple . . . It functions from premises and not just any premises but the most prominent Hindu premises you could find in the whole of London—the Neasden Temple in London."

  No organisation has its headquarters or any such office or operation in Neasden. We are very concerned that this entirely false accusation goes unchallenged. The Trustees too are rightly concerned that the appearance of the minutes of evidence, unchallenged, on the Committee's website could, albeit, erroneously, lend credence to such a falsehood—which, without doubt, could cause some difficulties between communities.

  We are writing to you and your fellow Committee members, to ask how this factual inaccuracy can be challenged and corrected. We would ask that this letter be taken as part of your evidence and used to counter Mr Singh's false claim, and additionally we seek your advice as to how the wider impression, falsely rendered, of the work of the Swaminarayan Hindu Mission's work can be contested, challenged and ultimately corrected.

13 December 2004

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Prepared 6 April 2005