Select Committee on Home Affairs First Report


Tuesday 4 November 2003
Ms Frances Crook, Director, Howard League for Penal Reform, Mr Paul Cavadino, Chief Executive, and Ms Jackie Worrall, Director of Prison and Race Services, National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (NACRO), and Ms Juliet Lyon, Director, and Mr Enver Solomon, Policy Officer, Prison Reform Trust.
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Tuesday 11 November 2003
Mr Brian Baker, Chairman of National Advisory Council for Independent Monitoring Boards, Mrs Jill Berliand, member of National Advisory Council representing the South East, and Mr Neil Orr, Chairman of the Chelmsford Independent Monitoring Board, the National Advisory Council of the Independent Boards.
Ev 22
Tuesday 18 November 2003
Ms Anne Owers, CBE, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, Ms Una Padel, OBE, Director, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, and Professor Andrew Coyle, CMG, the International Centre for Prison Studies.
Ev 34
Tuesday 2 December 2003
Mr Phil Wheatley, Director General, and Mr Peter Wrench, Director of Resettlement, HM Prison Service, Ms Eithne Wallis, Director General, the National Probation Service, and Mr Brian Caton, General Secretary, the Prison Officer's Association.
Ev 54
Tuesday 16 March 2004
Mr Michael Spurr, Director of Operations, Mr Peter Wrench, Director of Resettlement, and Mr Simon Boddis, Head of Regime Services, HM Prison Service.
Ev 74
Sir John Parker, Chairman, National Grid Transco, Dr Mary Harris, Director, National Grid Transco Foundation, Ms Samantha Sherratt, Real Work Project Director, Howard League for Penal Reform, and Mr Peter Wrench, Director of Resettlement, HM Prison Service.
Ev 86
Tuesday 25 May 2004
Mr Mike Newell, President, and Mr Charles Bushell, General Secretary, Prison Governers Association.
Ev 95
Paul Goggins MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Correctional Services and Reducing Re-offending, and Mr Martin Narey, Chief Executive, National Offender Management Service, Home Office.
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Prepared 7 January 2005