Select Committee on Health Written Evidence


Memorandum by Dr Colm O'Mahony (HA 18)


  1.  Small amounts of money dribbled out over the last three years has been a bit of a help, but has meant that Trusts and PCTs have said "well, there's your money" and you can't have any more. The DoH continually says there is money in baseline funding for development of GUM services—the PCTs say categorically there isn't, so nothing other than the small amounts of money assigned by the DoH have come through.

  2.  Allocations of the new money should not simply reward poor practice and failing clinics. PCTs and Trusts that have not invested in the GUM services over the last 10 years should not be rewarded now by large amounts of money to bail them out. Trusts that have done their best to support these services like, for example, mine here in Chester with a cohort of patients from all around the place with minimal funding, and it's about time that the work was recognised with additional funding. Please make sure that significant amounts of money goes to clinics that have actually modernised and are doing the business or this will just simply engender further disillusionment.

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Prepared 21 March 2005