Select Committee on Health Fifth Report

Reports from the Health Committee since 2001

The following reports have been produced by the Committee since the start of the 2001 Parliament. The reference number of the Government's response to the Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2004-05
First Report

Second Report

Third Report

Fourth Report

The Work of the Health Committee

The Prevention of Thromboembolism in Hospitalised Patients

HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health

The Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry

HC 284

HC 99

HC 252

HC 42

Session 2003-04
First ReportThe Work of the Health Committee HC 95
Second Report

Third Report

Fourth Report

Fifth Report

Sixth Report

Elder Abuse


Palliative Care

GP Out-of-Hours Services

The Provision of Allergy Services

HC 111 (Cm 6270)

HC 23 (Cm 6438)

HC 454 (Cm 6327)

HC 697 (Cm 6352)

HC 696 (Cm 6433)

Session 2002-03
First ReportThe Work of the Health Committee HC 261
Second ReportFoundation Trusts HC 395 (Cm 5876)
Third ReportSexual Health HC 69 (Cm 5959)
Fourth ReportProvision of Maternity Services HC 464 (Cm 6140)
Fifth ReportThe Control of Entry Regulations and Retail Pharmacy Services in the UK HC 571 (Cm 5896)
Sixth ReportThe Victoria Climbié Inquiry Report HC 570 (Cm 5992)
Seventh ReportPatient and Public Involvement in the NHS HC 697 (Cm 6005)
Eight ReportInequalities in Access to Maternity Services HC 696 (Cm 6140)
Ninth ReportChoice in Maternity Services HC 796 (Cm 6140)

Session 2001-02
First ReportThe Role of the Private Sector in the NHS HC 308 (Cm 5567)
Second ReportNational Institute for Clinical Excellence HC 515 (Cm 5611)
Third ReportDelayed Discharges HC 617 (Cm 5645)

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Prepared 12 April 2005