Select Committee on Health Written Evidence


Letter from the Corporate Affairs Director, Wyeth Phamaceuticals, to the Clerk of the Committee (PI 133)

  Thank you for sending us a copy of The Institute for Social Marketing (ISM) document entitled An Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry's Marketing Documents prepared for the House of Commons Select Committee in connection with its investigation into the conduct of the UK pharmaceutical industry. In order to prepare the report we understand that the ISM was furnished with documents supplied by five pharmaceutical companies, including Wyeth, relating to nine pharmaceutical products, including one marketed by Wyeth.

  Wyeth is concerned that it has been given only a matter of days to respond to this report. It is not possible in the short time available to provide any substantive comment on the detailed report that has been prepared, in particular because the report provides its findings in an anonymous form.

  Wyeth is also concerned that the report as written implicates each of the Companies, and each of the products, listed in the anonymous findings and allegations it makes. We consider this approach to be unfair and potentially misleading. As the ISM had access to a significant volume of material (with adequate opportunity to seek further material from companies if necessary), it would be possible for the ISM to identify whether it found examples of each of the findings and allegations it has made in all of the products reviewed, in only an identified number of them or in only one of the products considered. Had this been done, we consider the report would have been more balanced and it would have helped avoid the impression given that the findings are representative of the practice of each of the companies listed and of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

  We are particularly concerned that this impression is inaccurate, as to Wyeth. Specifically, Wyeth does not recognise any of the findings as applying to activities associated with the product for which Wyeth supplied material.

8 April 2005

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Prepared 26 April 2005