Select Committee on Health Written Evidence

Annex (PI 28A)


  Pfizer is a global research-based healthcare company. Our medicines span a wide array of therapy areas, and all of them are designed with the goal of improving the quality of people's lives.

  Many stakeholders are of great importance in ensuring the delivery of good quality cost-effective healthcare, including healthcare providers, patient groups and political organisations. We believe that Pfizer has an active and strong role to play in the provision of healthcare, and as such in the need to build close working relationships with all of our partners in healthcare.

  The establishment of collaborative working relationships between Pfizer and patient support groups (PSGs) can result in real benefits for those affected by the disease or condition who are represented by the PSG, especially where there are shared objectives, common goals, and mutual benefits.

  Support for PSGs can be provided through financial sponsorship and/or donations to fund projects and/or core funding, or through other benefits in kind, such as resources to support internal and external communication, education and external policy initiatives.

  It is important that such partnerships and/or collaborations are based on the understanding that all activities should be conducted within a clearly understood and mutually accepted set of key operating principles, in order to avoid both the reality and/or the perception of improper or undue influence.

  The purpose of this document is to outline our own definition of these key principles, as guided by Pfizer values, mission and culture.


    —  There should be transparency at all times in any activities between Pfizer and the PSG.

    —  Confidential information about members of the PSG, individuals associated with it, or other confidential information remains the property of the PSG and shall not be made available to Pfizer.

    —  Parameters and timeframes should be understood and agreed from the outset.

    —  Joint agreements or projects undertaken between Pfizer and the PSG should be based on equal partnership with mutual respect and trust.

    —  The PSG may offer information across a range of products, but Pfizer must not demand the endorsement of a single pharmaceutical product be it prescription-only or OTC.

    —  No undue influence should be exerted on the agenda, priorities or operations of the PSG.

    —  The independence of the internal policy making, political judgement and activities of the PSG should be assured at all times.

    —  Association with Pfizer should in no way compromise, or be seen to compromise, the independence of the PSG.

    —  Pfizer will at no time use the name or logo of the PSG, or make any claim of association with the PSG, without its prior written agreement, nor use any unauthorised quote from a member of the PSG.

    —  The PSG should be consulted on and retain ultimate editorial control over all materials produced in their name and the use of their logo.

    —  Wherever necessary, Pfizer and PSG should provide each other with copies of reports, accounts and other appropriate information relating directly to the partnership or collaboration, excluding any confidential information.

    —  Pfizer will always try to comply with applicable rules and regulations governing their attendance at, and participation in, PSG meetings.

    —  Pfizer will ensure that it respects the independence of any of its employees actively engaged in PSG work.

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Prepared 26 April 2005