Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Written Evidence


Memorandum submitted by the Belfast Interface Project

  Belfast Interface Project (BIP) was formed in 1995 and, following a consultation with key stakeholders, became a membership organisation with an elected management committee in 2000.

  We currently have a membership of approximately 30 community groups operating in nationalist or unionist interface or "peaceline" areas of Belfast, plus approximately 12 associate and individual members.

  BIP aims to engage in the development of creative approaches to the regeneration of Belfast's interface areas.

  Please find enclosed a copy of our recently-produced policy document "A Policy Agenda for the Interface", together with executive summary. The policy paper aims to outline key issues in relation to the regeneration of Belfast's interface areas, as well as to make recommendations as to how these might be addressed. We aim to use the paper as a lobbying tool.

  In drawing up the document, Belfast Interface Project have enlisted the expertise and assistance of Brendan Murtagh and Dr Peter Shirlow, both of whom are respected academics in this field.

  The document has been prepared after consultation with a number of community groups in interface areas of Belfast.

  We feel that the document highlights a number of interconnected problems and issues which are important and relevant to discussions about approaches to reconciliation and assisting the process of healing here.

  We would be pleased to forward more copies of the document and to meet with you/your colleagues in order to provide any further clarification as required. I've also attached our newsletter "Interface", for your information.

20 December 2004

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Prepared 14 April 2005