Select Committee on Scottish Affairs Written Evidence


Memorandum submitted to the Committee by Industrial and Power Association

  The Industrial and Power Association represents a group of companies in Scotland that are involved in the power industry.

  The objective of the IPA is to promote and support the Power Engineering and Manufacturing Industry in its effort to make a sustainable contribution to the economy of Scotland and of the UK.

  The IPA has had the opportunity of reviewing the evidence submitted to the Committee by the Nuclear Industry Association.

  The IPA supports the views of the NIA in principle in that the solution to the replacement of existing nuclear and conventional power generation facilities cannot come entirely from renewable energy.

  However, whilst new nuclear power capacity should replace existing nuclear capacity, it is appropriate that technologies being developed in Scotland that result in the generation of "low carbon fossil fuel power" should be part of the policy for energy in Scotland. Both proposals, nuclear and low carbon fossil fuel power, capitalise on the engineering and technology strengths in Scotland and provide a platform for export opportunities.

  It is now clear that the dominant technology in renewable energy, Wind Power, is not generating sustainable economic activity within the Scottish and the UK industry.

  Further, the NIA evidence notes that, in relation to jobs in the Caithness region, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has a remit to consider economic regeneration. The IPA takes the view that the NDA should be given a mandate to achieve, through its work, demonstrable economic regeneration at local level and at national level. The market for nuclear decommissioning is world-wide and the UK programme provides an opportunity to create a UK-based strength in engineering, technology and Project Management that can win export opportunities for the benefit of the UK economy.

  This export success can only be achieved through a national resource of significant size and strength, and not just by a locally developed resource.

Charles Shields

Chief Executive

Industrial and Power Association

14 January 2005

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Prepared 7 April 2005