Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence

Annex 2



    —  Professor Colin Blakemore—MRC Chief Executive (Chair);

—  Professor Alan Bernstein—President, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (nominated by the MRC);

    —  Professor Kay Davies—University of Oxford—MRC Council member;

    —  Professor Dick Denton—University of Bristol—MRC Council member;

    —  Professor Richard Flavell—Chairman, Section of Immunobiology, School of Medicine, Yale University and Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (nominated by NIMR);

    —  Dr Steve Gamblin—NIMR;

    —  Professor Peter Gruss—President, Max Planck Society, Germany (nominated by NIMR);

    —  Dr Robin Lovell-Badge—NIMR;

    —  Sir Paul Nurse—President, the Rockefeller University, New York (nominated by NIMR);

    —  Professor Steve Tomlinson—Vice Chancellor, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff (nominated by the MRC).

  The UK Health Departments have been invited to provide an observer, and a secretariat will be provided by Dr David Smith, MRC.


  To make recommendations to the MRC's Council on the future of the NIMR including:

    —  The strategic positioning of the NIMR's research within the MRC's overall vision and policy framework for the future of medical research in the UK.

    —  Consideration of and consultation on options for the size and location of the NIMR.

    —  Framing of the business case for future investment in the NIMR.

    —  Initial planning for the appointment of a new Director of the NIMR.

  The MRC's Council set some ground-rules for the Task Force and also agreed on the importance of consultation in its work plan. The key points were:

    —  The Task Force will start with a "clean sheet" regarding the future location and size of the NIMR.

    —  The MRC's Vision for Science and the policy drivers and principles for support of 21st century science articulated in the draft report from the FIS sub-committee will provide the primary MRC backdrop for the Task Force discussions.

    —  A programme of staff consultation will be agreed. This will be shared with NIMR staff and their unions. NIMR staff and their unions will be consulted formally at key stages and a direct route will be available for them to provide comments to the Task Force. The Director of NIMR, Sir John Skehel, will attend meetings when appropriate.

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Prepared 8 February 2005